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The Naughty Hottie Memorial Weekend Blog Jump #eroticromance #hotties #ngwn

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I picked two winners (well, DD did from a random number drawing) for a backlist e-book. They are...


Thank you for playing along! I enjoyed all of the picnic comments. 


Welcome to The Naughty Hottie Memorial Weekend Blog Jump! 

All of the Nice Girls are throwing Memorial Weekend parties with their favorite hunks. A different hunk at every stop! Stay tuned to see what you can win as you visit our picnics. 

I personally hate picnics. It's too much sunshine and a dieter's nightmare of cupcakes and potato salad. However, I think my hunks from the Spy Games series would enjoy a good picnic. 

Trained for Seduction: Chase Sanders would kick into total control freak gear for a picnic. He'd man the grill with perfectly cooked steaks, have an assortment of salads and perfectly made munchies. No chips, dip and beer for him! He doesn't drink, so I picture him serving fresh iced tea with mint from the garden. He'd finish the party off with a triple chocolate layer cake made from scratch--his favorite. 

Lethal Limits: Growing up in Texas would make Jake Anderson the king of the barbecue. He'd have barbecue ribs, pulled pork, and heaps of potato salad. He has no clue how to cook, so he'd have to cater everything unless it could be grilled. Or maybe he'd con Chase, his best friend, to make it all for him. He'd definitely want him to bake a cake, too. He's all about beer, whiskey, and cake, so expect to have a great time!

Endgame: Aaron Anderson likes a good barbecue, just like his big brother, Jake. Since he's been in California, though, he's been living the snobby life. He'd probably lean toward lean burgers or turkey burgers topped with avocado. There'd be some artsy beer and sangria. He'd have the cupcake place cater cupcakes for dessert. Unlike Jake, Aaron did learn how to cook, so he'd man the grill with a "Kiss the Cook" apron. I wouldn't recommend doing that given Charlotte's jealous streak and skill with a gun.

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Mia's Contest...
I'm giving away a backlist e-book to one lucky comment leaver. What's your favorite picnic food? Don't forget to leave a comment to win! 

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leelalou said...

Seriously Mia I laughed out loud at your second paragraph. I hate picnics too...not really. I just hate to eat outside. I'm not the woman who likes to share her food with the insects.

My favorite picnic food is a salad I make with avocado, tomato, mozzarella a touch of olive oil.

You're spy games series sounds awesome :D

Marcy Meyer said...

My favorite picnic food would have to be fresh fruit. It is easy, not messy, and so yummy in the summer!

Pam Lowery said...

Potato Salad, then fruit of some kind.

sassytdw said...

Favorite picnic food is burgers. They taste so much better off the grill☺

Anonymous said...

I love summer fruit! Almost time for all those delicious choices--melons, stone fruits, tropical ones... mmm! I also love burgers :D I'm not necessarily fond of picnics (too many bug possibilities!) but hanging out with friends is always fun!

fedora at gmail dot com

jennifer phillips said...

Favorite picnic food had to be potato salad

robertsonreads said...

Hi Mia

You are actually a new to me author. I enjoyed reading your blurbs and will definitely check you out on Facebook.

My favorite picnic food would be potato salad. I love it!

Ginger aka robertsonreads

Mia Downing said...

I'm loving the answers! I see several potato salad fans (my favorite!) I love the kind of mayo and egg. But I wouldn't turn up my nose at any potato salad placed on my plate!!

shellyann76 said...

Favorite picnic food is cold watermelon and jello shots :)

E.M. Barton said...

I love bbqs/picnics. Ribs, baked beans and potato salad mm mm. But I can't do without ice cold watermelon with a dash of sea salt! My favorite.♡

Darla M Sands said...

These all sound like a great time! I'd say my favorite picnic item isn't really food. It's a sexy, wet man in my arms as we fool around in a nice cool lake. ~grin~ Best wishes!

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