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Who's Mia Dee? #erotica #tobereleased

I've updated the blog with a fresh background and a new tab (look up to the far right!)

A good friend urged me to dabble in some short erotica stories so I could get more content on my shelves and feel more productive. I didn't want regular readers to be confused or disappointed that the new material is lacking the standard romance element my books are known for. At the moment, the erotica stories I have planned focus on the sexual journey of a character or characters.

Here are some answers to questions you may have...

Are Mia Dee stories hot? Absolutely.

Do they have conflict and emotion? Yes. These first few characters aren't as conflicted as some I have written, but they're 10,000 word short stories. When I was a kid, I never thought, "Gee, why isn't there a yacht at the bottom of my Cracker Jack box?" I liked the trinkets and little toys you fished out of the very bottom of the sticky box. Mia Dee books are the same thought. The point was to write sexy, fun, short stories that I could edit and produce on a quicker basis than a 100,000 word novel. It gives me a different outlet for my craft and allows me to take characters on assorted journeys I wouldn't necessarily use in my erotic romance writing.

Erotic Romance vs. Erotica (Mia Downing Vs. Mia Dee)

Some people use the terms interchangeably, but there's actually a big difference between erotic romance and erotica.

Erotic romance: A story that showcases the romantic journey of usually two characters (unless you have a menage that ends up with a happily ever after, but we'll stick to two right now.) The story arc follows the characters through meeting, falling in love, usually there's a black moment that rips them apart before they end up together happily ever after.  The sex contains more details and a much hotter heat level than a regular romance, and the author is able to use the sex scenes to show character growth, emotion and conflict.

Erotica: Erotica usually follows the sexual journey of a character or characters but doesn't follow the traditional romance formula. The characters might be married and enhancing their sex life or improving their marriage by experimenting. Perhaps the heroine or hero is on a sexual journey of discovery that doesn't end happily ever after in a romantic sense. Erotica can (and should!) contain just as much emotion and conflict as an erotic romance.'s porn? Absolutely not. Written porn is created with the soul purpose for sexual fulfillment. There is no character development, no emotions, no conflict, no depth. It's basically a sex scene meant for the reader to read with one hand (because the other is know.)

While these short stories are packed with sex scenes, they're not emotionless or lacking some conflict. The goal was to show a heroine's sexual journey taken to the next level. I'm hoping to show these two become closer and their marriage stronger as they discover how to meet each other's needs.

So when will the first Mia Dee installment be out? Very soon! The first story, Naughty Beach Fling (#1 Are You Watching?) is complete and has been through the editing journey. I'm waiting for a cover design from the fabulous Designs by D (Diana Carlile).

Now for the blurbs!

Are You Watching?

Naughty Beach Fling (#1 Are You Watching?)

Wendy Anderson’s good girl halo tarnishes in a big way when she discovers a few secrets about her husband’s sexy best friend, Travis Smith. Back in college, Travis made porn films to make ends meet. More surprising, her husband, Justin, used to film them and act as director. While on vacation, Wendy’s imagination goes wild and she can’t help but wonder if the two guys will indulge in some naughty beach fun.

Naughty Night Out (#2 Are You Watching?)

When Travis Smith returns from out of town business, Wendy Anderson hopes to resume their playtime fun. But her husband, Justin, ups the ante when he takes them out to dine at a posh restaurant in a private room. The waiter is young, hot, and one of Travis’ friends, and Justin wants her to put the seduction skills to the test in this naughty night out.

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I really like how your blog is set up now. It's alot cleaner and easier to read....great job !!

Mia Downing said...

Thank you, Tracey! I hadn't updated it in awhile and Blogger actually has a lot more selections to offer. It was fun!

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