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"Our Sexy New Year"

The rules are simple: Choose 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs of something sexy to share! 

Switching Leads released this week, so I'm doing 7 paragraphs from this sexy, angst-ridden novella. Mine doesn't really have a New Year's theme except both of my heroes have made resolutions that concern each other. Sexy horse trainer Finn Parker wants to get his ex-lover and boss, John Graham, to forgive him again. John vows to do everything he can to stay out of Finn's bed. From the passage below, it looks like maybe Finn's on the way to success in the resolution department!

And now, 7 paragraphs from Switching Leads...

John had no clue what to say to Finn, not when desire asked him to give in. “Do you still like pizza?”

Finn dropped the pen and blinked fast a few times. “I had pizza for lunch yesterday. You sat and watched me eat it.”

Triple shit. Yes, he had, and he’d gotten hard at the way Finn had licked sauce off his fingers, too. “I haven’t had Palozzo’s in quite a while,” John commented. “Is it still good?” Finn lived near campus and also near the famous pizza place. That was safe small talk.

Finn nodded slowly with a confused frown. “It’s still the best I’ve ever had.”

With an internal sigh, John dismantled all of the roadblocks he’d set up in his mind and gave in to the desire. “Would you…” He gulped, his cheeks heating. It was only pizza, damn it. “Want to get some?”

“It’s nine-thirty in the morning.”

John licked his dry lips with an even dryer tongue. “I mean tonight.”

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6 comments: said...

Nothing wrong with pizza for breakfast! This was funny. Great dialogue. Congratulations on the release.

Mia Downing said...

Thank you, Alexis! It was really fun to write. I love pizza for breakfast, too.

Kim Muhl said...

Mmm Finn + John + pizza = one amazing scene in this story!!

Sondrae Bennett said...

Cute. I like how shy he is. Fun excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Great snippet, well done!

Maria (MM Jaye) said...

That was yummy in every respect!

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