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JamieLynn Boothe's Nightmares and Dreams #GLBT #FF #romance

Today we have JamieLynn Boothe in the hot seat, discussing her debut novel, Nightmares and Dreams. I hope you'll enjoy! 



Interview questions for JamieLynn Boothe

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice?  Definitely coffee, I probably drink way too much of it.

Favorite Movie: Wow, this is hard because there’s so many to choose from. As far as horror goes, definitely The Exorcist, romance would have to be Return to Me

Favorite Color: Purple all the way

Favorite book/author: I have a few favorites but I will say The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

How do you feel about bacon? Ohhhh, I love it J

What comes first, plot or characters? 
For me, I have to say Characters. I enjoy building my story around them and what they go through, good and bad.

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid?
I create the characters and start with a general idea of what it will be about, but I actually just allow my imagination flow. I never really know exactly how it’s going to go until I’m about half way into it.

Oddest thing on your desk?  A picture of Betty Boop J

What’s your most interesting writing quirk?
Not sure that I have one unless you want to consider the fact that sometimes I have a hard time sitting still for too long.

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in?
I love gripping the readers emotions. To me that’s the most important thing. If I can make every emotion come alive, then I did my job well. If I didn’t make them cry, then I didn’t do it well enough.

What is the hardest thing about being an author?
Patience and the horrible times when writers block sets in and sometimes having enough time in a day to meet your goal and do lifes bidding.

What’s under your bed? 
I would have to say shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes J

What’s the easiest thing about being an author? 
For me, when it flows really good, when the story flows from my fingertips and it just keeps going and going and going.

What is one of the best rewards you have gotten so far from your writing? 
I find it extremely rewarding to hear or read from a fan how my story has touched them. How much they loved it and when I have had a few tell me it should be made into a movie.

Tell us about your latest release! 
Nightmares and Dreams is a special book for me. Not only because it’s my first novel, but because of what it’s about. It is something that will grab hold of every emotion you have and more. It’s focused towards the GLBT community and the hatred so many still have for them, but reflects on the deepest kind of love two women have for each other that is more powerful than any obstacle they face.

Blurb for Nightmares and Dreams
Nightmares of being raped as a teenager haunted Christy for years and she had tried to run and hide from them to no avail. The pain over the years took enough of a toll to where she finally had enough and moved back home to her hometown of Moneta, Virginia to be with the woman she loved. After being away for six years from the small country town where she grew up, facing her fears and finally  being in Heathers arms again gave her hope for normality in her life.

Once she realized that running was only getting away from the physical aspect of it and she had to deal with the mental fears as well, everything started to fall into place.  Seeking professional help, being with Heather and doing what she loved most,  teaching, Christy had reason to smile again.

Being home a short while, things are going smoothly and happiness has entered her life once again, until a horrendous hate crime was committed, targeted  specifically  towards homosexuals. The roller coaster ride that Christy and Heather were unwillingly having to experience was nothing like they have ever encountered in their lives before.

 Men nothing short of being monsters continued their rage by kidnapping Christy and taking her off into the hills. Being kept hidden in an old hunting cabin where her earlier  nightmares dwindled in comparison to what they had in store for her, Christy was faced with a life or death situation. With feeling overwhelmed with her fears becoming real life and being helpless in a secluded cabin, could Christy overcome the odds stacked  against her and escape somehow, or would the monsters who tormented her kill her before she was able to get away and back into Heathers loving embrace?

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Excerpt for Nightmares and Dreams...
Christy’s body convulsed and her brain was in overdrive as she jerked awake from her nightmare and realized she was lying in a large patch of sand. She sat up on one hand and hip, looking around, trying to peer into the darkness. She saw a swing set with an adjoining slide, too small for adults, a merry-go-round and a surrounding wire fence. Beyond the fence she saw yellow school buses and she knew where she was. She was in the playground behind the elementary school, in her pajamas.

Somewhat nauseated and dizzy, Christy sat still in the cold sand for a few minutes, shivering and hoping to get clearheaded before she stood to begin her journey home. Grateful that she didn’t live too far from the school, she was still a little upset that she had to even worry about it at all. She should be where most others were, wrapped in a warm blanket, in her comfortable bed, safe and with no fear. Shaking, she looked around at her surroundings and her head began to slowly clear little by little. Her breathing slowed down to a more normal pace, so she slowly started the process of rising to her feet. Getting on one knee, then the other and shifting her weight, she slowly stood, trying not to lose her balance because of dizziness.

On her feet, standing straight, she put her hands out in front of her to balance herself as she shivered from the cold sweat and terror still coursing through her. Her fear from the nightmare wasn’t as bad as it had been. The horror was slowly subsiding, but the memories of them were still fresh in her mind. Usually, when a person has a dream they don't remember much, if any of it, but not her, she remembered her nightmares vividly.

Feeling more balanced after standing in place for a couple minutes, she took a deep breath and started walking toward the chain link fence that surrounded the playground, feeling the sand between her toes with every step. Her eyes began to become more focused. The streetlamps in the parking lot helped and she was grateful for their light.

Reaching the fence, Christy placed one hand on it. Being closer to the parking lot where the buses were and where there was more light to see by, she looked herself over. Her feet were bare, and she had nothing on her cold shivering body except her pink flannel Betty Boop pajamas, which were now covered in wet sand. Her entire front, from where she was lying down, was completely covered with sand. She brushed as much of it off of her as she could, hoping they wouldn’t be stained, when she washed them. Christy loved these pajamas, and right now she was very grateful they were flannel, providing some warmth, although not much.

Having no idea what time it was, she told herself she needed to get moving. She was cold, dirty and she wanted a hot shower and some clean clothes. Thankfully, her house was right down the road on Lottie Lane. But being without shoes, it would take a little longer for her to get there. Opening the gate on the fence, she began her trek home. Taking her first step out of the sand onto the hard surface of the parking lot, she felt the pebbles and gravel press into the soft soles of her feet. She accepted the fact that this might not be a really long walk, but it certainly wouldn’t be a pleasurable one.


More about JamieLynn Boothe

Well, let’s see. I’m a Transgender Woman so I am a southern girl. Born and raised in the small town of Moneta, Virginia. I love writing obviously but I was a late bloomer. I didn’t write my first novel, Nightmares and Dreams until 2012. I am writing the second and third book to it now. I believe for me the best things to write will come from the heart. Either from my experiences or whatever but they will always ring true. I love movies, reading, writing, music, art, cooking, cats and spending time with friends, oh and naps. I love naps.

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