Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sometimes Learning The Truth Is More Than You Bargained For... Alone #paranormal #EroticRomance

In my case, it was the blurb! 

I spent part of my day working on a blurb for Alone. This will be book 1 of a new series, and I hope you all like it. This one is m/f with a touch of paranormal, a smack of kink, a smattering of suspense, and a blistering romance. I don't have a cover yet, but I have a little taste of what my hero, Marek, looks like. Enjoy!

Thank you to my editor, Diana Carlile, for suffering as I sent her different versions.

Blurb for Alone (Jump Book 1)

What would you give to finally learn the truth?

Skye Bennett senses someone out there knows how she ended up in foster care at age two. Every penny she earns is spent on uncovering her origin, but at twenty-two she still has no answers and is no closer to feeling the connection she craves.

Until one dark night, when a sexy stranger claims he knows the truth about her past and who she is, but he's been waiting for the right time. He has to be wrong, but his words strike a chord deep in her soul, and something slumbering awakens and begs to be heard. The deal he strikes renders Skye breathless. If she spends the weekend with him, he'll reveal the entire truth by six p.m. Sunday night. The only catch—she will be his. Completely.

Marek Young is in grave danger without Skye’s help. Using the truth is a dirty ploy, but he’s afraid of the consequences if he wines her and dines her the old-fashioned way. Once he’s out of danger, he’ll need to convince her to help right a wrong that impacts both their lives.

When six p.m. arrives... Sometimes knowing the truth is more than you bargained for.

Available SOON! 

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Yippee! I can't wait!! smiles..

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I'm sold. Sounds awesome!

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