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Intoxicated by Jeana E. Mann Virtual Tour #NewAdult #contemporary #newrelease

Today we have New Adult author Jeana E. Mann, celebrating her latest release, Intoxicated (A Felony Romance novel.) Jeana adores bacon, has things on her desk that are dear to my heart, and has a really sweet tour-wide contest going. She'll be awarding a $40 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter. So stay tuned to read a sexy excerpt and learn more about Jeana in the process! 



Interview questions for JEANA E. MANN … 

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice?  Coffee – gotta have it
Favorite Movie:  Three Days of the Condor
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite book/author:  Outlander (Diana Gabaldon)
How do you feel about bacon?  It’s the only food group

The REAL questions…

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m just an average girl who likes to write. I live in a tiny town without any stoplights where cornfields and cows are visible from Main Street. I have two Rat Terriers that I absolutely love named Mildred and Mabel – or as I like to call them “The Ladies”. They go everywhere with me and drive me nuts most of the time. In fact, they are lying on the couch beside me, covered by a blanket (at their insistence), as I type this. I spend most of my time writing but I love to travel. I’ve been all over the world and plan to keep traveling every chance I get. I’ve also lived a wild life. I used to hit the club scene pretty hard which is the inspiration for the Felony Romance series. The people I’ve met along the way have provided the inspiration for the characters of my books. I’m just as comfortable at a club in Chicago as I am at a bistro in Rome, Italy or sitting on my back porch watching the corn grow. 

What’s under your bed?
Dust bunnies and clothes that I can no longer wear but can’t bear to part with. Also assorted dog toys, the green sock I’ve been looking for over the last six months, and a box of half-written novels.

What comes first, plot or characters?
Characters always come first with me. My novels start with a vision of some guy or girl with a story they are just dying to tell. Usually the characters come to me as a fully-formed personality and I build the plot around them.

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid? Tell us about your writing process.
I am a complete pantser. I like to call my process “layering”. I begin with a tiny inkling of an idea or a scene and bang it out on my laptop. As more scenes come to me, I type them out without regard for order. Eventually, I weave the scenes together and look for the common thread of the plot. By this time, I have a pretty good idea of where the story is going and lay out the journey of the characters. As a final step, I go back and add quirky mannerisms for the characters, foreshadowing, and tie up any loose ends. It’s a messy, crazy process but that’s what makes it so satisfying. I feel that it comes from a place of pure creativity. 

Oddest thing on your desk?  
A horseshoe and snaffle bit from my grandfather’s barn. They are just some random artifacts that I picked up when I was about eight years old. As a child, my grandfather’s barn was like Disneyland to me, full of oddities and antiques that he had gathered over the years. I used to spend entire days digging through his stuff and pestering him with questions.

What’s your most interesting writing quirk?
Sometimes I wear a hat when I write. I have a collection of all kinds of hats – fedora, cowboy, bowler, straw, beret – you name it and I’ve probably got it. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel “writerly”. My dad says it helps to hold the ideas in. He’s probably right. Dads always are.

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in?
I write in New Adult Contemporary Romance and I love, love, LOVE to read it. My favorite thing is the number of series available in this genre. I’m not a huge fan of the cliffhanger, but I adore following characters from book to book, especially when secondary characters become the hero/heroine of a sequential novel.

What is the hardest thing about being an author?
I think the hardest thing is dealing with negative reviews. It’s heartbreaking to learn that someone hated your baby. Writing a novel is hard work. You pour your heart and soul into each and every word. You sacrifice time with friends and family to meet deadlines. Writing is so terribly personal, it’s a creature that you have created from the depths of your soul. If it sucks, you can’t blame it on anyone but yourself. To have someone tear it apart without regard for your efforts can be painful. I’ve finally learned to have a thicker skin and not take it quite so hard. After all, reading is subjective to the reader. Not everyone is going to like every book. Those differences in taste are what make people unique. And I absolutely believe that negative reviews are necessary to keep the literary world honest. I don’t usually read reviews any more. I believe reviews are meant for readers and the author should just let them do their thing and stay out of it.

What’s the easiest thing about being an author?
The easiest thing is meeting fans and making new friends through writing. I had no idea how rewarding it would be to have someone contact me to praise my work. The first time I received a fan email, I was completely shocked that anyone would reach out to me in that way. The other day, I went to the hospital for an appointment and the receptionist was reading my book. I nearly flipped out. Then she recognized my name and she nearly flipped out. It totally ROCKS!!!

Tell us about your latest release!

My latest release is Intoxicated, the first book in the Felony Romance series. It’s about sexy, bad-boy bartender Jack and uptight accountant Ally who struggle to make their relationship work in the setting of a heavy-metal club. Jack’s bad boy behavior comes back to haunt him just when things are beginning to work out with Ally. If he wants to have her, he will have to work for it. I have to admit that I am head over heels in love with Jack. His transformation from lady-killer to devoted boyfriend melts my heart. Too bad for me that he only has eyes for Ally because he is panty-dropping hot! And there’s more to come in the Felony Romance series. I plan to release a novella titled Unexpected (Book 1.5) and a full-length novel Vindicated (Book 2) released before the end of the year. I can’t wait!

BLURB for Intoxicating (a Felony Romance novel):

Love is intoxicating, but the hangover can be agony...

Conservative, straight-laced Ally Taylor has the perfect life – successful fiancĂ©, beautiful home, great career – until she catches her fiancĂ© and best friend in bed. Desperate to shake off the sting of rejection, Ally heads to Felony, a notorious heavy metal club on the bad side of town. Even more dangerous than the bar is Jack Jameson, the hunky alpha male bartender whose smoldering dark eyes and dimpled smile turns her common sense to mush and her knees to noodles. After eight long years in a failed romance, the last thing Ally wants is to hook up with someone like Jack, but she can’t help wondering if he’s really as good in bed as his reputation suggests.

Jack Jameson has had his eye on Ally for months, drawn to her smart mouth and tightly wound self-control. When Jack finds Ally sitting on a barstool in his club, heartbroken and miserable, he’s more than happy to offer a little heat between the sheets to distract her. Too bad Ally’s not interested in his “hit-it-and-quit-it” philosophy. If only Jack could convince Ally that he’s tired of the endless parade of girls through his bedroom, she might see him in a different light.

When Jack and Ally get together, everything goes wrong and it’s more than either of them bargained for. Ally’s got serious trust issues and a need for control that makes Jack crazy. Jack’s got more baggage than an airline carousel; the constant stream of women from his past stirs up all of Ally’s insecurities. Can Ally overlook Jack’s womanizing past and learn to trust him? Will Jack be able to commit to just one woman or will a secret from his past ruin everything?

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Excerpt from Intoxicated...
Her cell phone rang and like an automaton, she answered it. 

“Popsicle?” The voice on the other end of the call was deep and masculine, slightly rough, like gravel underneath silk.

“Jack?” Dismay gave way to pleasure at the sound of his voice, followed by a fluttering between her legs.

He chuckled, the sound warming her numb body. “Hi, baby. I missed having lunch with you today.”

“Look –– it’s really not a good time, Jack.”

“Why not?” He paused and she could picture the unlit cigarette dangling from his lips as he spoke, a gleam in his dark eyes. “What are you doing?”

Oh, hell, she thought. Why fight it? She felt like a salmon swimming upstream only to be pushed back time and time again. The strength to resist had ebbed away with her latest disappointment. 

“Uh, well, I’m sitting in a parking garage staring at the wall.”

“Bad day, baby?” His voice lowered to a caress that raised goose bumps on her arms. For some reason, the compassion in his voice brought tears to her eyes.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I’m having a bad day.”

“Come and see me,” he said. “I can make you forget all about it.” Like a lamb being lured to slaughter, she was powerless to resist him when he spoke in that tone.

“I’m not sure you can,” she replied as she traced the curve of the steering wheel with a finger.

“Such a pessimist. Come and see me,” he repeated, his voice turned seductive. “And take your panties off before you get here.”

More about Jeana...
 Jeana Mann is the author of sizzling hot contemporary romance. Her debut release Intoxicated was a First Place Winner of the 2013 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest and a finalist for the 2014 Carolyn Readers Choice Award. 

Jeana was born and raised in Indiana where she lives today with her two crazy rat terriers Mildred and Mabel. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Speech and Hearing, something totally unrelated to writing. When she’s not busy dreaming up steamy romance novels, she loves to travel anywhere and everywhere. Over the years she climbed the ruins of Chichen Iza in Mexico, snorkeled along the shores of Hawaii, sailed around Jamaica, ate gelato on the steps of the Pantheon in Rome, and explored the ancient city of Pompeii. More important than the places she’s been are the people she has met along the way.

Be sure to connect with Jeana on Facebook or follow along on Twitter for the latest news regarding her upcoming releases.

Author Links:
Twitter:  @JeanaEMann


Contest Details!

Jeana will be awarding a $40 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Follow the rafflecopter directions for chances to enter!

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