Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mia's Musings and Upcoming Book Schedule #eroticromance #amwriting

With the release of Campus Cravings out of the way, I'm settling into trying to write on a schedule again. My goal is to try to write 1600 words a day. That doesn't sound like much, but I've been plagued with an injury limiting my computer time. Those words all add up and before you know it, there's a book finished (I hope.)

Some musings for the week...

Release day was awesome and I thank all of my readers for their support! But with such excitement, it's easy to get off-track from the good habits I've tried to instill--less Facebook, less reading reviews, less obsessing. So I allowed myself this weekend until today, and now I'm going back to the regularly scheduled program--writing.

Up-coming books....
  • Alone (working title) will be book one of a new series! It's a m/f erotic romance with some darker undertones, lots of kink and some surprises along the way! Estimating 90,000 words at least and hoping for late fall as a release. 
  • I have a super secret anthology coming out fall/winter with 3 of my favorite authors! This will be a series of cowboy kinky books that will knock your socks and panties off. Right now it's called Nick's story (because I name them all after the hero until I find a title) but it's a humorous and steamy peek at a Dom who has finally met his match in and out of bed. 
  • I do have 1 more book planned in the Spy Games series. It will be an m/m featuring Steve Crazwalski (a spy who had a crush on Charlotte) and Paul Anderson, Jake's younger brother and Aaron's twin. It will take place after Endgame's epilogue. I've fiddled with it, but no hard date as of yet.
  • I have the beginnings of some short stories I started last year and want to finish that caters to the Domme in me! This does have a name but I'm going to keep it under my hat until it's a little more sketched out.
Finally, I'm grateful for those who put up with me while I've fought writer's block, injuries, and every other obstacle put in my way to test how much I want to be a writer. I can't stop the voices, so it's either write what they say or find a nice rest home where I can make baskets for the rest of my life. Right now, the rest home sounds wonderful, but I think my family would be annoyed at giving up a Saturday to visit me.

So onward with my goals! I'm going to make a habit of trying to post some writing goals on Mondays and then checking in to see how I did.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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Sandra Dailey said...

I'm glad your muse has finally returned from vacation. Posting a goal sounds like a great idea. Don't give up. I love your stories.

Kim Muhl said...

It makes me so happy that you found your muse and can happily write, again! <3

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