Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Horsey #MySexySaturday with Switching Leads #mm #anthology

This week's My Sexy Saturday is supposed to be carriage-themed for the historical authors. I don't have carriages, but my upcoming release does have horses! Here are seven  paragraphs from Switching Leads, my novella in the Campus Cravings: Higher Learning m/m bundle.

The set-up: Cathia U's equestrian coach John Graham needs an assistant coach--fast--to help sort out his divided team and end up with a decent placing in the region. He doesn't count on his boss hiring sexy, Olympic-level horse trainer and rider Finn Parker. Yes, Finn is more than qualified, but he's also John's ex boyfriend. Throw into the mix Finn has brought Maggie with him, the first horse to truly set John free in the saddle. Here's an excerpt of John's reunion ride on Maggie with a little sexy at the end. 

Seven Paragraphs from Switching Leads...
Finn beckoned for John to come down the outside line of jumps. Excitement bubbled up as he rounded the corner and set her up for the first fence—an easy vertical of about three feet high. He’d never jumped Maggie at this height, but Finn wouldn’t set him up to fail. He could trust Finn in that respect. They cleared the jump easily and cantered four strides to the next, the breeze whipping across his cheeks, John’s heart soaring over the fence.

“Diagonal line,” Finn called.

John turned after the corner, aiming across the ring for the pink-and-white rails set easily a half a foot higher than the first two. They found the perfect distance, cleared, and galloped three strides to the barrels. Maggie snorted as she landed and shook her head, looking for the next fence. John laughed with sheer joy. She’d always done that mid-course. He looped one rein to scratch her neck as he settled her for the next fence.

With ease, he guided the mare around the arena, jumping the fences Finn indicated. After they cleared the final three jumps set a stride apart each, John pulled her into a finishing circle, slowing her canter to a trot, and then to a walk.

He grinned and met Finn’s gaze, his heart pounding from exertion and sheer joy. Those piercing blue eyes held approval, admiration, and…something more. John’s breath caught in his throat, his chest swelling with pride. Every inch of him tingled, from the roots of his hair to the base of his cock.

“Yeah, Coach!”

The cheers and hoots quickly brought John back to reality faster than a bucket of ice water. Damn it, he’d been looking for that approval. He swore he’d never do that again.


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