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A Confronting #SPeekSunday with Switching Leads #CampusCravings #mm

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Here are 6 paragraphs from Switching Leads, my novella in the Campus Cravings Higher Learning m/m boxed set just released yesterday!!!!

The Set-up...
 This is from a scene in the bar. John is having a few drinks to take away the horror of his boss hiring his ex-boyfriend to be his new assistant coach for Cathia U's equestrian team. Finn has pissed John off his first day in town, and despite being a recovering alcoholic, Finn shows up at the bar, trying to make amends. John has good reason to be angry with Finn, but will he let bygones be bygones, or is Finn going to have to work a little harder?
Switching Leads
“How about I take you home and save you a few bucks?” Finn could make amends in the car. Maybe take him for coffee and a homemade donut at Sunshine’s. It had been a favorite ritual after a night out together. In the past, they’d have a donut and then go back to Finn’s and have hot sex. The thought of John up against a shower wall, groaning Finn’s name as he sucked him dry won out over the pull of booze. Heat rushed through his groin straight to his .
Their gazes met, and for a split second, a flicker of desire crossed John’s features as he probably recalled those nights, too. His gaze darted to Finn’s mouth, and his Adam’s apple bobbed. John drew in a ragged breath, and Finn prayed he’d say yes.
But he shook his head and signaled to the bartender. “No, thanks.”
Swallowing his heart and hope, Finn dug out his wallet and gestured with it. “At least let me pay.”
John shot him a sad smile. “Yeah, you owe me that at least.”
Misery stabbed through Finn’s chest and seized his heart. He fished two twenties out of his wallet and tossed them on the bar. He turned before John could comment on the pain that had to be evident on his face. Yeah, Finn did owe him cab fare and so much more. Somehow, he’d find a way to make up for everything.

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