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Alicia Sparks Chats Sin Bin and Hockey! #contemporaryromance #hockey #contest

Today we have an interview with Alicia Sparks! She's celebrating the release of Sin Bin (Book 2 in the Memphis Mayhem series.) This book (and series) is perfect for all of you hockey fans! The Stanley Cup may be out gallivanting with the Kings, but that doesn't mean you can't extend the season by picking up these hot reads. Alicia is giving away an e-copy of Sin Bin, so make sure you read to the bottom and leave a comment to be entered!



Interview with Alicia Sparks

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice?  I would love to say Diet Coke because I practically ran around with a Diet Coke IV for years, but I’ve mellowed and am eating healthy, so my drug of choice is now black cherry sparkling water. I love the Ice brand.

Favorite Movie: Fight Club! How romantic, right? I love the narrative, the surprise and the dynamic between the characters.

Favorite Color: October Rust (Orange)

Favorite book/author: Right now, my favorite book is Hard Time by Cara McKenna. She is one of my favorite authors.

How do you feel about bacon? Meh. I’m more of a vegetarian but I love a BLT with homegrown tomatoes!

The REAL questions…

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a good girl by day/bad girl by night kinda chick. I like to observe the people around me…they make great fodder for my fictional universes. And seeing me on the street, I look like a soccer mom. But when the lights go down and my laptop powers on…it’s game on!

Twitter @ aliciasparks_

What’s under your bed?
Seriously? What’s under my mattress is more interesting…That’s where I keep my trusty silver bullet for when “The mood” hits and my hubby is asleep.

What comes first, plot or characters?
Characters usually come first but they slam into me with plot not far behind. It’s more like what if I had a guy like…who would…and then…

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid? Tell us about your writing process.
I’m a plotter. I didn’t used to be, but time dictates that I have to be. I’ve put out six novels and a novella since last October! So I don’t have a lot of time to let the story simmer. But I do change my plots as needed as I go along.

Oddest thing on your desk?
My voodoo doll. I bought it in New Orleans and it’s authentic, not one of those with the “made in China” stamp on it. Everyone thinks it’s creepy, but it was specifically made for creativity.

What’s your most interesting writing quirk?
 The voodoo doll wasn’t interesting enough? It’s not really a quirk I don’t think, but I always write to a soundtrack.

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in?
 My favorite thing about sports romance is getting to watch hockey to get more inspiration. I love watching all those big bodies slam around and image how it feels when they win and when they lose. My favorite thing about paranormal is I can truly create my own rules. Nothing is off limits.

What is the hardest thing about being an author?
 I’m going to say the same thing everything else says…it’s finding a way to balance everything out. I may do a marathon writing session and get in several thousand words then not write for another week. If I had time to be more consistent, I’d be able to write more books!

What’s the easiest thing about being an author?
Coming up with plots! I can plot and outline all day long!

What do you wish someone had asked you for an interview question? Hmmm. I love to talk about all the weird things that happen to me on a daily basis, like having visions about things that in turn happen or reading tarot cards for people only to find that I’ve told them what was about to happen for them.  

Tell us about your latest release!
Sin Bin is the second in my Memphis Mayhem series. I’m obsessed with hockey and have been fortunate enough to work with Ryan O’Leary who has played hockey his whole life. He edited Penalty Kill, the first of my Memphis Mayhem series, and helped with Sin Bin. Sin Bin is the story of Justine Rupf and Mark “Matrix” May. Justine has only had eyes for Mark since his early days in the NHL back when he played for one of Memphis’s farm teams. Now that he’s back in town as a member of Memphis’s NHL team, Justine knows it’s do or die. She’s got to let him know how she feels. When Mark returns to Memphis to finish out his NHL career, he does so with the intention of winning over the girl as well as getting a shot at the Stanley Cup. But things don’t exactly go his way when an ex lover comes knocking and shakes things up for Mark and Justine.

Blurb for SIN BIN
Justine Rupf's entire life was built around hockey, from her father's Stanley Cup win when she was a kid to running the hockey themed bar, Sin Bin, across from the Memphis Mayhem's Hockey Center. She thinks of most of the guys as brothers except for the one who stole her heart years ago and has never given it back. Mark "Matrix" May knows his days as a professional hockey player are numbered, and he wants to spend the final years of his career in Memphis for several reasons, the most important being Justine "Ruff and Ready" Rupf, the girl who has always been the one for him. There's only one problem. Mark didn't make it to Memphis based on talent alone, and now the team owner's daughter is in town ready to blackmail Mark to get what she wants. He has a decision to make, and he knows no matter what he does, he's going to end up in the Penalty Box, a place known to hockey players as the Sin Bin.


 Excerpt for Sin Bin
“Did you really come here to skate?” She had positioned herself so there was plenty of board between them. He couldn’t just reach out and touch her. He would have to put forth a little more effort, which would give her time to try and talk herself out of this. Was she really going to go down this road with him again?
“I came here to do whatever it is you want to do.” His voice held a hint of a husky groan, and it sent a shiver down her spine.
Not enough space. His hand was under her chin again, lifting her face up to him. He had to bend completely over to be able to kiss her, but he moved as if it were no effort at all. When his lips met hers, it was not like the kiss in the bar. It was filled with red-hot need, and it coursed through her body all the way down to her toes.
There was nothing gentle about the way he explored her mouth or wrapped her ponytail around his hand to bring her closer and completely under his control. Her hands went up to his chest, but this time she didn’t try to push him away. Instead, she melted into him, thinking they would explode on impact if they took this any further. She should’ve known she didn’t stand a chance against Mark.


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