Friday, March 28, 2014

Get Your Cougar On With Getting Down To Business #TWRP #EroticRomance #cougar #contest

I'm going to try to start doing a spotlight every Friday for The Wild Rose Press authors only. This week I'm featuring Ginger Ring's debut release, Getting Down To Business. I liked this hot read because it was a cougar story, but it was also more. We get the meet, the hot and sexy first greet, and then we get to see the turns things take when the sparks settle and these two realize they have a new relationship: boss/employee.

There's a contest, too! Enter to win a chance at a $10 The Wild Rose Press gift certificate. Good luck!



Getting Down To Business Blurb...Tired of living life out of a suitcase, traveling auto parts sales representative Jessie Knutson jumps at the
chance for a position close to home. When a flat tire keeps her from an interview appointment and the hot tow truck driver awakens her inner cougar, she realizes too much time away has done a number on her libido. Now the only position she wants involves being naked and pressed tightly against a hot, younger man whose eyes say she's more than a roadside pickup.

BJ Spencer has no time for love with an auto parts store to run, though he yearns to find the right woman someday. So when the smoking hot redhead he rescues alongside the road gives him a sexy smile, he remembers sometimes a man needs to enjoy the finer things in life. Long legs encased in thigh-highs are definitely fine, but Jessie seems to be total perfection in a tempting package. BJ just might be able to make both business and pleasure work for him this time.

Excerpt From Getting Down To Business...
The driver's side window rolled down and a young, handsome face poked out. “Afternoon, ma'am. Do you need some help with your car?” He had dark hair, smoky eyes, and sexy stubble. He was gorgeous.

Finally finding her voice, she answered, “I’m so glad to see you. I’ve got a flat. I'm afraid my cell doesn't work and I really didn't want to have to change my tire in a skirt. “ Even though it was true, she still felt foolish rambling on. She blushed and kicked an imaginary stone with her foot before resting her hands on her hips.

He cocked his head when he heard her answer. She had such a low, raspy voice that she was often mistaken for a man. That worked to her advantage as garage owners were more likely to make an appointment with someone they thought was a man and very off guard when they found out she wasn’t.

“Well, let me take a look and see what we can do.” He grinned and turned off the engine.

His low, rich voice had a slight Southern drawl. To hell with the car, she wanted him to do some service work on her. Just the sound of it made her panties wet. What a girl wouldn't give to have him whisper sweet nothings in her ear while feeling the breeze of his breath on her neck! Jessie’s heart skipped a beat and her knees weakened.

The truck door squeaked open. He eased out of the wrecker. His work boots sounded on the hot pavement as he advanced in her direction. Jessie bit her lip as she did a quick scan of the rest of him. The man was tall and lean with a certain swagger to his step. He wore blue denim jeans slightly worn at the knees and what looked to be black motorcycle boots. His light blue work shirt, unbuttoned and hanging loose, showcased a hairy chest and six pack abs. Yummy. The initials BJ embroidered on the pocket sent another line of erotic pictures floating across her thoughts.


GingerRing said...

Thanks for having me today!!

Anita Philmar said...

Love the TWRP give aways. Looks like a hot book.

Alicia Sparks said...

I'm so excited to see this book on here! It's great!

Kim Muhl said...

I've had this book since Dec and am looking forward to reading it, soon!

Linda said...

Love this, =) already bought the book & can´t wait to start reading.
Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Saturday!

bn100 said...

Interesting blurb

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