Thursday, December 19, 2013

Meet My New Hero And Dealing With Writer's Block

I've been suffering a little writer's block for the past year. I feel like someone set my muse free with a ticket to Vegas and $1000 in poker chips and I haven't seen him since. I hope he's good and drunk, and feeling no pain.

I did write some. I rewrote the entire ending for Spy Games: Endgame to the tune of 5K words, and I did a free short story for the GoodReads M/M Romance Group--about 13,500 words. I've dabbled here, and dabbled there. Started a few new things and lost interest. So I've decided maybe a bit of photo inspiration will help this book jump start again. I wrote like gangbusters until I hit one section in the book and I just can't seem to write past it. I did skip over and got the ending written. But this one scene is killing me. 

So I decided I needed to revisit the character photos to see if a spark might call the muse back to do some work. Unlike most of my books, this hero actually has an actor as inspiration. I saw him on TV and said to my then sober and present muse, "Yes! There he is!"

 So peeps, I'd like to introduce you to my new hero, Marek Young! He owns a coat just like this one, so I thought it fitting.

In real life, this is Colin O'Donoghue, and the photo is of him in ABC's Once Upon A Time as Captain Hook. The photos aren't mine  (I wish.) 

Keep that last photo in mind when you read the story as it's important! 

So my question...if you're an author, what do you do about writer's block? And readers, what do you think of my next hero? 

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kris said...

I had a horrific case of it a few years back. I had to write myself back into it - not by writing fiction, but by sitting down every day and writing myself letters to remind me of the things I had already done, the areas where I'd succeeded, the abilities I had. Basically I had to teach myself that I was (somewhat) capable and competent, and that I still had the ability to write. It took a long time and was scary as hell. But once it was gone, it was gone. I still have days of feeling unambitious, but thus far, no more blocks (KNOCK MAJOR WOOD!)

Cheryl M said...

You know me, Mia. My muse tends to hibernate/vaca when it feels like it. I call this writer's block as the desire is there by the words refuse to flow, no matter what I do. The only time I have been able to jump start it was the month of Nano2013, though quite a few scenes are out of order, will probably be re-written, or possibly dropped altogether. The need to post a daily word count was a great incentive, one I may have to institute year round in order to keep moving ahead instead of stagnating.

Love Capt.Hook. The actor is sexy, mysterious, a little dangerous, and he seems to be deliberately trying to seduce Emma, which her dad [Prince Charming] was not particularly thrilled to learn. He's a great inspiration for a hero. So now that I know who inspired your latest opus, you really do need to get over the block and finish the manuscript. Get moving, woman!! :)

Mia Downing said...

Kris, what an awesome suggestion. Maybe that would help me, too. Thank you so much for sharing. You've always been such an inspiration.

Mia Downing said...

Cheryl, thanks for your views, too! I'm so glad you were successful for NANO this year. Capt. Hook has been a favorite since day one on that show!!! I'm glad you like him, too.

Kim Muhl said...

Me likey your Marek! Especially the middle photo...YUM!!

I fully offer my services to hunt down your Muse and return him to you. He needs to be tied up and taught who's boss in your relationship. :P

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