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Layla Chase--Childhood Fascination Sparks Plot For Hot For The Uniform #eroticromance

Today we have erotic romance author Layla Chase! She's discussing how a childhood fascination sparked her plot for Hot For The Uniform. Who doesn't love a hunky fireman? I know I do, and I'll be putting this hot little read on my Christmas list! 



Childhood Fascination Sparks Plot
By Layla Chase

Who doesn’t love a firefighter? From the first time I saw a red shiny fire truck roll through our neighborhood when I was 5 or 6, I knew there was something special about the people on that vehicle. All the shiny chrome, the dials, the gauges, and ladders. We kids knew better than to follow the big lumbering truck with the blaring siren any farther than the end of our block. But I remember standing on the edge of the curb and craning my neck to see several houses down the cross street, hoping to see them save someone. I am thankful that I’ve never had a reason to place an emergency call to put out a fire anywhere near me.

When I started plotting my story now titled Hot For The Uniform, I got the idea from a publisher’s call for an erotic story that had fetish as a theme. I remembered how I loved those big red trucks and then just took that fascination a couple steps further. What if a little girl who loved fire trucks grew into an adult who fixated on men in uniform? What would happen if the sight of guys in tight t-shirts and suspenders holding up their turnout pants kicked up her libido?

That’s when my heroine was born and to make her obsession even worse, I made her clumsy so that fires just seemed to keep happening in her immediate vicinity. As I worked on the wacky situations she’d get into, I was also thinking of the calm firefighter who I’d pit against her. The one who’d be responsible and sensible—good traits for a man who has to face emergency situations and make decisions about the safest solution. Unless he’s hit with a dash of lust…

BLURB: Rikka Brendan accepts a teaching position in small town Arroyo, Texas, hoping the new location will help her fight her attraction to men in uniforms. Her logic? She’ll get to know the guys as people and the fetish will lessen. Enter newly installed Captain Conor Malloy to investigate three rescue calls in less than eight weeks. When the attraction flames from sparks to 3-alarm lust, does Conor have any hope of convincing Rikki they have more than a sexy combustion? 

Hot For The Uniform is a novella of approximately 16,000 words and was previously published as Uniform Desire by Amber Quill Press.

Available at: AMAZON


On a dare from a close friend, Layla Chase challenged herself to explore the steamier side of romance and discovered all sorts of characters whose stories needed sharing. She writes contemporary and historical stories from her mountain home in California that she shares with long-time husband and two dogs. To date, Layla has had 18 short stories and novellas published.

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