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Darah Lace Talks The Mask We All Wear And Unmasked #eroticromance #.99 #giveaway

Today we have my dear friend, Darah Lace, talking about masks--physical and emotional. Her latest release, Unmasked, is an awesome read (with really really HOT gazebo sex) and is on sale for .99 at Amazon for this week only! Go stuff your cyber stockings. She's also giving away 1 digital copy to a lucky comment leaver. Stay tuned for deets! 



by Darah Lace

Masks. I figure we all wear one kind or another. Some more than others. I wear so many I don't even know myself half the time. My friends would say I have split personalities and they're probably right. I'm a Gemini, after all. 

But masks make it easy to hide things we don't want others to see—our secrets, our flaws, our insecurities. We hide our hurt behind a smile or our anger behind laughter. Clothing can mask not only physical imperfections but also status. LOL my kids would skip a meal to wear designer jeans. And when we first meet someone, we hope to make a good impression by being on our best behavior. Gradually our masks come off and we reveal our true personalities.

In my book, UNMASKED, Spencer and Melody both hide behind a mask—literally and physically—and as the truth is revealed, the fun begins.

Blurb for Unmasked...

After a long business trip, the last thing Spencer Preston wants is to attend a masquerade party. His plan? Get in and get out. However, an encounter with a hot she-devil changes his mind, especially when the siren behind the sequined mask is the prim and proper, no-nonsense, secretary he’s been fighting an attraction to for months. Suspicious of her dual lifestyle, he slips on his mask and sets out to discover her secrets.

Melody Jamison hates hiding behind her plain-Jane persona, but her last job ended in sexual harassment. To get a promotion at Preston Enterprises, she needs to show Spencer she’s more than just a pretty face. The only problem is, she’s got the hots for her boss. When a friend convinces Melody a masquerade is the perfect place to let her hair down without revealing her true persona, she agrees to night out. But she never dreamed she would meet a mysterious masked stranger who makes her body hum like only Spencer can.

But there’s a corporate spy running loose at Preston Enterprises and with Melody at the top of the suspect list, Spencer must continue the charade as her masked lover in order to uncover the truth. His hotter-than-Hades assistant proves reluctant to part with answers, yet more than willing to play with fire, drawing them into the flames of a sexual fantasy neither can forget.

*This book was previously published under a different title.

Excerpt from Unmasked:

Melody went limp with relief and dropped her head against the bandit’s chest. “You scared me half to death.” 

“I did not mean to frighten you.” 

She listened to her heartbeat as it slowed under the soothing motion of his hands at her back. 

“I could not take the chance of being seen.” 

Fear began to subside, but at his words, a new concern took its place. If he was here, there was only one reason. He’d come to fulfill his promise. 

As if she would welcome him with open arms again. And without first demanding to know his identity. Why couldn’t he risk being seen? What was the big secret? 

One reason ricocheted through her head. She shoved against his chest, gaining only a few inches between them. Still blinded by the dark, she looked up in the general direction of his face. “Are you married? Is that why you won’t tell me who you are?” 

Melody felt for his left hand. There was no wedding band on his finger, but that didn’t mean a thing. 

He laughed. “I am not married, my little she-devil.”
“Then why?” 

“Don’t you enjoy the mystery? The thrill of not knowing?”
She shuddered as he ran a finger along her jaw to her lips. They parted against her will, inviting his thumb to pluck the lower one. Before she lost all her wits, she turned her head aside. “You can’t just show up here and expect...” 

His hand fell to her shoulder then drifted lower to hover over her breast. Though he didn’t touch her, the warmth of his hand seeped through her blouse, causing her nipple to pucker. “I’ve thought of nothing else all week, signorina. You have no idea of the agony you have put me through, the torture of seeing you, but not being able to touch you.” 

Touch me, please. “H-how did you know I was in here?” 

“I waited for you in the parking garage. You never came down. I decided to look for you and saw you enter this room. But I had to wait for the other woman to leave.” 

He held her steady as his palm slid across the satiny front of her blouse and lightly caressed her breast, his thumb grazing her nipple. Sensation streamed from her breast to her pussy, and her head fell back. 

She wanted what he offered. Wanted it badly. Just not with him. She had allowed him access to her body once, but she couldn’t do it again. He was a stranger. And determined to remain so. “Please don’t do this.” 

“You don’t want this, bella?” His other hand cupped her cheek, fingers fanning out then pushing into her hair, dislodging pins along the way, to cradle the back of her head. His lips blazed a path from her earlobe to her jaw as he tweaked the budded tip of her breast through her blouse and bra. 

“I don’t want it.” 

UNMASKED is on sale now for $.99!


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Darah Lace said...

LMAO love the pic!

Armenia said...

Very nice excerpt. Wow, sounds like a latin lover. And that cover is to die for.


Cheryl M said...

I love actual masks, but so true that most of us hide behind some kind of mask. Sounds like a good read.

Darah Lace said...

Armenia, Spencer uses an Italian accent to throw Melody off balance, along with a lot of sexy moves.

Darah Lace said...

Hi Cheryl, masks are good for hiding secrets too and these two have lots to hide.

Kim Muhl said...

I have a lot of masks, too. Sometimes, I get them confused and really throw people for a loop! LOL

BTW - this was an AMAZING read with lots of hotness! YUMMY

Darah Lace said...

Hi Kim! Thanks so much for reading Unmasking. I'm glad you liked it.

Darah Lace said...

Kim has read my book, that leaves only Cheryl and Armenia, so I think I'll give both of you a digital copy of Unmasked. It is the season for giving, after all. Please let me know what format you prefer and what email address to send it to. Thanks for dropping in and saying hi!

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