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My Favorite Things About Spy Games: Endgame-- Releasing At All Distributors #TWRP #eroticromance

Winners, winners, chicken dinners! 

I realized I never picked winners from Sable Hunter's Halloween blog hop ::hanging head in shame:: 

So the two winners of the $10 Amazon gift card and an e-book by moi are...

Sarah Henton
Lynn Ray Lewis

I don't have your emails so I'll try tracking you both down via Facebook. 

And now...

Woot! Woot! 

Spy Games: Endgame (book 3) is finally available in epub and pdf formats as well as mobi for Kindle! Yay! It take a bit sometimes to show up on B & N but below are links to all the places that have it available right now! The Wild Rose Press has all formats as well as print, and they offer great deals on shipping when you purchase mixed print and digital formats.

So, Spy Games:Endgame...
I'd be a bad mother if I picked a favorite book. I have all these characters that are little parts of me, interacting in a world I created. So what I'll tell you are the points in Endgame that I love the most. Don't worry, characters in other books, I'll highlight my favorites of your book at some point, too! 

  • Aaron Anderson, my hero, is an actor. When I started writing, rock stars, actors and artists of any sort were taboo characters. To have an editor love him, love my concept that would have been taboo 15 years ago is very satisfying. 
  • Aaron is also geeky smart as well as handsome. He's not a man whore, he's a little submissive at times, and he wears fake glasses when he travels because it worked for Clark Kent and other super heroes in disguise. He's so different and exciting that I just want to eat him up. 
  • Charlotte Smith rose from the ashes of broken and battered to become a spy with expertise in marksmanship, martial arts, and technology. But I like that Aaron sees that she's like a candy with a hard outer shell and a gooey, molten center. 
  • Charlotte's only had one partner in her life yet she's very at-ease with her sexuality once she gets warmed up. She's not afraid to give a blowjob in public, she loves bondage and anal sex, and she loves being submissive as much as she loves having Aaron on his knees.
  • My #1 stalker fan loves Jake Anderson's role. The hero from Lethal Limits has settled down to enjoy married life and wants nothing more than for his brother and his favorite partner to be happy. 
  • Lastly, I love how Chase Sanders can be so deliciously evil at times as their boss, and yet maintains his hero status by the end. 

How about an excerpt? I knew you wouldn't complain. 

The set up: Aaron awakens to find himself tied to a chair in his living room. Imagine his surprise when the woman of his dirty fantasies is the one to take off the head scarf. Obviously she's done some fantasizing, too, because she wants to unwrap his bindings in the worst way. 

An excerpt from Spy Games: Endgame
“Such a pretty gift, all wrapped up, so close to Christmas,” she breathed, her cheeks denting with a dimple as she smiled at him with mischief. She wrinkled her pert nose. God, could a woman’s skin get any creamier than that? Pale and flawless except for the scar under her left ear he noticed when she turned slightly, cocking her head as if to listen for something. 

She did the unthinkable and straddled his lap, her face inches from his, looking into his eyes, the heat from her crotch searing his shaft. He should be afraid. Terrified. But something told him this wouldn’t be like his first time. If she just rode him into oblivion, this time he’d enjoy every moment of it. 

“So handsome.” She touched his cheek with a gloved hand, her fingers warm through the leather. Her sleeve rode up and a tattoo around her wrist was exposed, a delicate chain of daisies with a yellow butterfly. He knew that, from somewhere, too, but didn’t remember seeing it on her when they danced. She wiggled on his lap, the ridge of his cock angling against the heat of her crotch through those thin black pants of hers.

He groaned through his gag. If she just rode him, even while he was bound and gagged, he’d be more than grateful for the gift. It was a new experience, to be so damned aroused over a woman, under such extremes. Maybe that’s what the problem was— this was way too extreme. He’d fought feelings like this for years. Now they were punching him in the gut as hard as she ground against his cock.

“Happy to see me again, are you? These ropes excite me, too. It’d be more exciting if it were the other way around. I love a good bondage session.”

He groaned again. He didn’t like kinky shit, but he did like Charlotte. Way, way too much.

Her hand slid along his jaw, fingering the gag in his mouth. “I don’t have a lot of time, but I want to kiss you again. I have no clue why I’m this attracted to you, and I need to get it out of my system. So if I take off your gag, will you let me?”

She licked her lower lip, and all coherent thought left him. Aaron felt his head dip and nod on its own accord. He didn’t do it. But something in him wanted to kiss her, too, as stupid as it was to be tied up and at her mercy. She would taste so good. His dick bet on it. 

She took down the gag and leaned in, her breasts pressing against the rope on his chest, erotically alluring as her heat seared him. Aaron wet his dry lips, needing her mouth on his as much as he needed water. More so. She closed her eyes, and her lips brushed his, her gloved hands bracketing his face. 

Aaron moaned against her mouth, and her tongue darted in, stroking his, igniting the flame in his belly, spiking his erection to a frantic, throbbing hard-on the size of Texas. She slanted her lips across his, deepening the kiss, her fingers threading his long hair, massaging his scalp in time to the thrusts of her tongue. He moaned again, wanting this to never end. Wanting more. So fucking hot.

She must have heard a noise because she jumped a little, his cock riding harder against her crotch. She ended the kiss by giving him a quick, sharp smack on the lips, then dismounted. And though his dick still raged, the passion in her eyes cooled to a frosty chill. Lusty to frosty in a nanosecond, and suddenly she was Wedding Charlotte again.

Buy Links for Spy Games: Endgame

(The Wild Rose Press erotic catalog)


If you haven’t started the series yet, then start with Spy Games: Trained for Seduction (book 1).

Blurb for Spy Games:Trained For Seduction
Book 1 of the Spy Games Series!

Emma Walters didn't choose to be a spy, but when her crazy father was caught selling bombs to the wrong people, she was given a choice--become a spy or rot in jail. Her exciting new life as agent Kate Wells becomes more so when she discovers her new boss is the agent--undercover and investigating her father at the time--who took her to third base. Emma is already half in love with the dark and dangerous Chase Sanders. Kate wants nothing more than for him to finish what he started, but he's the devil incarnate. And one doesn't make deals or fall in love with the devil.

If someone had told Chase he'd fall in love with a certain virgin when he was on his last mission, he would have shot them dead, sniper style. She was nothing more than collateral damage, damn it. But watching the sexy new spy morph into a bombshell killing machine is too much to bear. So when the powers that be command him to train her in the art of seduction for her first--and possibly last--mission, he's scared witless. Making love to Kate means preparing her for sex with another man.

Somehow, Chase has to find a way to get Kate in--and out--of her mission without dying. And without falling in love.

This book is an erotic romance. It contains graphic language, explicit, smokin' hot sex, menage, lots of juicy conflict, some suspense, a dark and dangerous spy boss and a spunky bombshell heroine. (Hot damn, right? Yay!)

Trained For Seduction is available in e-book or print



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