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MQ Barber's Playing the Game and Character Interview #giveaway #BDSM #mmf

Today we have M.Q. Barber offering up a flash fiction character interview with the stars of her BDSM erotic romance release from Lyrical Press, Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection series.) This sounds steamy hot and offers one of my favorite menage groupings--m/m/f. ::happy sigh:: 

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A big thank-you to Mia for letting Henry, Alice, and Jay from the Neighborly Affection series drop by for a visit. They’ve promised to behave. Mostly. – M.Q. Barber

“Is this the place?” Alice pushed open the door and fumbled for the light switch.

“I believe so, yes.” Henry followed behind, brushing the back of her neck with his knuckles. “This is the address M.Q. provided me.”

Jay’s shoes squeaked on the hardwood as he rocked heel-toe. “What are we doing this time?”

“Character interview.” Not the worst place they’d visited. Walls of books. Cozy furniture. “The usual. Share our deepest secrets.”

“I’m not sharing mine.” Jay flopped on an empty chaise, his black hair an inky splash against the ivory seat cushion. “How come we have to do this?” He drummed his shoes on the floor. “Shouldn’t our author be doing it?”

Nudging Jay’s knee as he passed, Henry unbuttoned his suit coat and settled deep in the corner of the chaise. “I suspect she feels we are better ambassadors for ourselves than she. More colorful.”

“Ambassador Jay.” He flicked his hands toward the ceiling like a man taking a jump shot. Arching his back made his shirt ride up. Nice view. “Yeah, okay, the fancy title’s not bad.”

“The diplomatic immunity’s not too shabby, either.” Probably didn’t extend to mauling Jay or stripping his clothes off during an interview, though. Pity.

“Perhaps we ought to make a start on the questions.” Brow raised, Henry offered her his hand. Yeah, no question he knew what had distracted her. The drooling was a dead giveaway.

She perched on Henry’s knee, legs together like a real lady. Might as well fake it for the masses. “I think Jay should be the interlocutor.”

“The what?” Jay tipped his head back and pushed against Henry’s thigh.

“Chief question-asker.” God, she might drown in those damn cute soaking-up-knowledge eyes.  “Just be your charming self.”

“I’m always my charming self.” Jay laced his fingers and extended his arms, cracking his knuckles in a bridge. “Okay. First question goes to Alice. Do you prefer the excited flutter in your stomach on Friday night when you show up at our door for fu--"

“Jay.” Henry tugged on his hair.

“--fun times or the contentment when you wake up Saturday morning and Henry’s still in your--“

“Jay!” She shoved his shoulder.

“I was gonna say arms--"

“You so weren’t.”

“--but in Jay is good, too.” He smirked up at them. “Got an answer?”

“Both.” She resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at him. Barely. “Next question.”

“This one’s for Henry.” Jay made an ostentatious show of clearing his throat. “As the mostest wonderfulest dominant ever, you must find it super-easy to balance the needs of your extra-special, completely perfect in every way subs.”

Silence. Henry’s lips twitched. Pushing her hair back, he traced the curve of her ear. Heat gathered low in her belly. He dropped his arm and squeezed, a weighted band across her squirming hips. “That isn’t a question, my boy.”

“Oh. Right. I’m getting to that.” Sneakers tapped on hardwood. “So…have you considered more waffle breakfast-for-dinners? Carb-loading is really important for all-star athletes.”

Oh, that was rich. Yeah, Jay lived on his bike, but all-star stretched belief.  “You’re an all-star athlete now?”

“I’m a sex marathoner.” Damn smirk.

She snickered, and Henry squeezed her hip. “You’re welcome to gorge yourself on waffles, my boy.”

“I am?” Jay rolled his neck sideways. Not like Henry’s face would give him clues anyway. Henry had the best poker face.

“Of course.” Henry swept stray locks from Jay’s forehead. “You’ll have to accept the consequences of your actions, however.”  Leaning forward, he patted Jay’s stomach. “Namely, sitting on the sidelines digesting while Alice gives an all-star performance in my bed.”

Oh hell yes. She’d volunteer for that.

Jay wriggled on the cushion. “I might be okay with that.” Five bucks said at least part of him wasn’t lying down anymore.  “Once in a while.”

“Seriously, Jay?” Who wanted to be benched for the night?

“It’s waffles, Alice.” As if that explained anything beyond his bottomless stomach.

“I doubt the syrup is as sweet as our girl.” Henry’s stare, the intensity burning a wildfire in pine-shaded depths, pinned her in place as sure as his arm. Her body clenched. They needed to get home. Now.

She coughed. “Did we answer any of the actual questions for this interview?”

“I’m afraid not.” Henry’s blink released her. She sagged as he turned to Jay. “Shall we try a more serious one?”

“Okay, okay.” Jay sighed. “Alice, what made you think it was a good idea to sign a contract to have sex with your irresistibly hot neighbors and let Henry tie you up and--“

“I get the idea, you can stop explaining the question now.”  Please, for the love of God, stop explaining. Her arousal didn’t need the help. Henry rubbing his thumb across the top of her thigh kept things flowing enough. “Serious answer time – because Henry’s never done anything to make me doubt our friendship or regret putting my trust in him, and I thought it would be a fun experiment. Besides which, the sales pitch was…”

“Amazing? Fantastic? Filling?” Oh-so-helpful Jay.

Henry bent his head to her ear. His breath heated her skin. “Indescribably magnificent, sweet girl?”

Mm-hmm. The back of the chaise seemed a nice height. Almost like Henry’s dining room table. Should’ve worn a dress today.

“Capable of rendering our dear Alice speechless even in memory, it seems.” Henry kissed her cheek.

Turning, she nuzzled his face and inhaled the sharp citrus and comforting leather of his cologne. “Are we done interviewing? Because I’d really like to re-enact that sales pitch.”

“Of course, my dear,” he murmured. “All you need do is stand. I’ll handle the rest.”


About the Neighborly Affection series

(Neighborly Affection #1)

She expects dinner with neighbors, but gets sex with a side of safewords.

Mechanical engineer Alice still drools over her sexy neighbors a year after she’s moved in. She can’t decide whether they’re roommates or partners, but either way, they spark a wanton desire in her that has her imagination–and vibrator–working overtime.

Henry, director of everything around him, studies human nature and applies philosophies to his paintings as well as his relationships. Quirky, polite to a fault, and formal, he follows his own code of honor even when it means denying himself.

Flirtatious and playful, Jay needs stability, guidance, and to please others. His antics counterbalance Henry’s stuffy ways while he brings a level of vulnerability and fun to everything the trio does.

BDSM play with the enigmatic artist and flirtatious joker across the hall allows Alice to put aside the linear thought processes which have kept her unsatisfied and distant with other lovers. She must dismiss her preconception of love, sacrificing her independence, if she’s to find a permanent place in their beds and hearts.

CONTENT WARNING: Explicit sex, graphic language, BDSM, bondage, spanking, M/M/F menage.

and other online retailers.


THREE-WAY TIE, A Neighborly Affection short story, is available now!

A BDSM erotic romance short...
Strong knots hold love fast. 
Henry gives his submissive lovers a day filled with the best kind of tension.


Coming Soon! 

CROSSING THE LINES (Neighborly Affection #2) available March 3, 2014


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Thanks for keeping Henry, Jay, and Alice busy today, Mia!

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