Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting Sexy from Back From the Past #MySexySaturday #MM

The rules are simple: 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs of a published work or a work in progress of something sexy. 

My Sexy Saturday post is from Back From the Past, my free m/m written for the m/m romance group of Goodreads. They have a lot of great free reads for their Don't Read In The Closet event. The link is below. If you like m/m, you'll love the selection of free stories to enjoy. 

This 7 sentences of sexy is during the sexy time! Woot! Enjoy! 

7 getting sexy sentences from Back From the Past...

Gregg had to taste Jase’s skin again. He ended the kiss to explore with his mouth, starting at Jase’s collarbone. Gentle kisses made a path between the swell of Jase’s pecs, then off to the side to taste his right nipple. The nub hardened even more as his tongue rasped over the tip. Jase rocked his hips against Gregg’s, his erection insistent. 

“Stop,” Jase groaned. “It feels good but I want your shirt off, too.”

To find your FREE copy of Back From The Past... Go to: 

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