Saturday, October 12, 2013

Waterfalls Are Sexy! Just Ask #MM #MySexySaturday

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Today's My Sexy Saturday excerpt is 7 sentences to celebrate Just Ask coming out in print! And since I was just notified Spy Games: Endgame is in print, too, for author copies, I am giddier than a cat in a fish store. 

The one thing I love about my cover--designed by Diana Carlile--is the waterfall. What, didn't notice that part of it? I love the hot guy, too, but yes, behind him is a waterfall. Look again. Since the waterfall plays a big part of Just Ask, I thought I would feature Jordan's first viewing and thoughts. There's nothing sexier in my mind than crystal-clear water you want to swim in...and do other things. ::wink:: 

My Sexy Saturday excerpt from Just Ask

Out of the lush jungle, off the side of the imposing volcano, flowed a waterfall. Not the kind you could go over in a barrel, either. This one streamed down like some entity had turned on a huge hose and aimed it over the rocks above, down to this crystal pool at the bottom. The kind of waterfall you wanted to sprint around naked under, like a shower, then dive off the rocks into the pool below. Then climb out and have wild sex like crazed teens on the rocks. 

Jordan took a deep breath of the imposing oxygen and wondered how much would it cost him to get Ryan to bring him back here. Alone.


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Shelley Munro said...

I could picture this so clearly, feel the crispness of the air. Very nice!

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