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Vampires, Cars, and Books For #FREE Immortal Relations Book 1&2 with G.D. Ogan

Today we have G.D. Ogan discussing a little background behind his books, the Immortal Relations series! These books are going to be free in October (later this week) so read on so you can check out the dates. We also get some sweet car porn as an added bonus. That Mustang is going in my stocking for Christmas. Santa, take note! 

Enjoy--but don't touch the Mustang. 


My late father had a tryst in Prague, CZ at the end of WW-II; you can read about the true family event (including THE picture) that started me writing my novels on pages one & two of Immortal Relations. My own character is Gary; Magdalena (Maggie) is the primary heroine along with Eviana (Evy). Leader of the Residency Coven of Guardian Vampires is “Grandmother.” They safeguard humans and other animals from evil vampires, human criminals and rogue governments. Adam, the first full vampire born quickly develops, becoming a General in the Czech Army. Vladimir, a Russian General is an important character in all the books, becoming President of Russia in book two. There are many others throughout the stories but these, along with Vlad Dracula are the major ones. A note about Vlad, he discusses his "bad days" in book three but is now a champion of humans.

The first book has a lot of "Explicit Togetherness" (sex) which was not meant to be salacious but to impart that even our good vampires don't have the human hang-ups about sex. The second book still has some but it is muted and book three has less still (because book one establishes the lack of hang-ups they have). As the reader who so graciously commented upon my first book said it is, "A tale filled with life lessons, love, sex action and adventure. Complete with new insights into the powers of the immortal vamps, and fresh takes on the complex inner working of their existence" and said it was holy-grail of vampire novels! I'd like to think my second & third books continue those attributes. 

Pictures of our cars (a passion equaling reading & writing paranormal-romance):

My 66 Mustang Convertible with Mustang II Suspension, Power rack and pinion steering, disc brakes in front and 363 cubic inch Dart Iron-Eagle Engine and T-3550 tranny (My wife and daughter both enjoy these cars – I hope others don’t find it too far afield from my novels).

My wife’s 64 Studebaker, 5.7 Hemi engine & automatic from 05 Dodge Truck, Mustang II Suspension, Power rack & pinion steering & 4-wheel power disc brakes (looks stock but isn’t).

And now...the books! 

Immortal Relations Book 1 (Free on Amazon October 3-5)

When Gary Logan discovers an old black-and-white photograph of his father in Prague with a woman's hadwriting on the back, he flies there to investigate where his father worked while in Europe, only to meet and fall in love with a beautiful lady who he believes to be a vampire. In love with her, Gary is initiated into her coven of guardian vampires, beginning a journey of epic proportions. 

Exciting, erotic, and full of heart-stopping action, Ogan's debut novel turns human vampire lore on its head, with a symbiotic relationship between the species that deepens emotional connections to astonishing effect. But a coven of evil vampires bent on destroying the guardian vampires and feeding on the humans at will have other plans. Gary's full vampire son helps humans to almost wipe out the evil coven, beginning the ever-increasing relationship between vampires and humans. Adam then saves Great Britain from nuclear theft and attack; when their nemeses make one last-ditch effort in Russia to bring all of the peaceful societies down, Gary, Adam, and the military join forces to save the human species before their enemy's plans can come to fruition.

Probing the gray areas of sexuality, family, and legend, Ogan weaves an amazing tale, examining the very nature of existence. An unrelenting thrill-ride of passion and action, Immortal Relations will leave you breathlessly awainting the series' second installment.


Immortal Relations, Love and War Book 2 (Free on Amazon October 6 & 7!)

The enemy vampires have been eradicated, so it appears our guardian vampires may look forward to a peaceful existence. Eviana is planning on having more children; she has had a son, now she wants a daughter. Magdalena, believing she is incapable of having children, still would like to be married. However, much as in human life, peace and family are placed in harms way by unforeseen events.

Immortal Relations, Love & War amps up the action of the first book to a fever pitch. The greedy leaders of Communist China plan to capture the oil, gold and mineral rich fields of Siberia by decapitating the Russian Federation's Government as a prelude to invasion. Minions of rich OPEC Sheiks seek to stem the flow of Russian Oil so OPEC can raise prices to destroy the economies of the West. They plan to use a "dirty bomb" to destroy the main pumping station and have the radiation make the oil fields unusable.

The radiation containment cap at Chernobyl is failing; the release of poisonous radiation could happen at any time. Worse, some scientists predict the damaged nuclear reactor at Fukushima, Japan could collapse and cause a potential Extinction Level Event!

Who or what, can be called upon to save civilization and mankind and what impact will the vampire covens experience? Could potentially catastrophic events turn out to offer unforseen opportunities?

Excerpt from book two, Immortal Relations, Love and War...

Maggie laughed and said, "You know you're an incurable romantic."

"Around you, how could I be anything other than that?"

Maggie laughed her musical laugh again and that made me smile and we kissed. I said, "Well, you certainly were dressed to the nines,' as they say."

Maggie replied, "It'd been years since I'd worn that dress to attend an opera or symphony. Several lady friends and I had spent all night in town, but we were about to head back to the Residency since the Sun was rising, not that it caused any concern, unlike Vampire lore. That is when Evy called me about seeing you."

I said, "That was a beautiful dress you were wearing when I saw you, your appearance took my breath away, as it always does."

She teased, "Since you no longer have to breath, that shouldn't be a big thing anymore, but would you like me to put the dress back on and model it for you?"

"I don't know if my wild, still beating heart, will withstand you looking more beautiful than you are now, but yes, I'd love to see you in that dress again."

At a speed that would have made her invisible to faulty human eyes, Maggie flew to her closet and then into the bathroom. Within minutes, the bathroom door opened and she appeared in the doorway looking both sultry and sophisticated.

I jumped out of bed, arranging the top sheet around me like a Roman Senator going to the Forum. I carefully approached the vision of loveliness before me, and put out my hand to touch the dress. Maggie grabbed my hand and wagged the finger of her other hand saying, this dress was hand made for me decades ago and is too delicate."

I backed up, dropping my hand, and asked Maggie to turn around for me. As she pivoted, I sucked in a ragged breath at her beauty, accentuated not only b the light blue, lacy, scalloped, and layered, haut-couture dress, but perfectly quaffed hair and makeup she'd done in only minutes. Vampire speed and accuracy certainly helped in many aspects of our existence.

Appraising me as I watched her, she saw my ardor rising. To protect her dress, she quickly retreated to the bathroom and changed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when she next appeared wearing the sexist red lingerie I'd ever seen. I couldn't hide my reaction and she giggled as she pounced on me.

An hour later she said, "What was that you were saying about even if we never had physical relations again you'd still feel the same way toward me?"

Spent, but feeling better than I had a right to, I merely smiled at her and shook my head in disbelief at the fabulous lover she was. "You know, I consider myself the luckiest man who has ever lived, human or immortal, because you love me."

Immortal Relations, Love and War book 2  (FREE on Amazon October 6 & 7)


Immortal Relations, Coming Out book 3 (Print – this version is to be available the end of October & a Kindle version 2 weeks later)

Back cover copy for Immortal Relations, Coming Out...
Ogan's insights into the powers of the immortal vampires, along with fresh takes on the complex inner workings of their existence provide an intriguing experience for readers. In this story a novice shape-shifter wolf meets a beautiful hybrid vampire. Good vampires set up a new coven in Southern Canada to monitor a regime intent on changing America into a dictatorship. Marxist thugs, not realizing who they are dealing with, still believe the group was partly responsible for the defeat of Communists intent on stealing oil, gold and mineral reserves from Russia, so Washington retaliates with violence. A great deal of effort is required by the vampires to keep Canadian citizens safe. There is a vampire wedding with a handsome human; then dangers from outer-space suddenly appear to threaten the entire earth – can such threats be stopped?


More about G.D. Ogan...

Born in Washington D.C., early in WW-II, I spent my early years in Texas with my mother and her parents while my father was overseas. His overseas expoits had my mother say something which became part of the foundation for my latest book. I graduated from TCU (B.S.), Ball State University (M.A.) and Hardin-Simmons University (M.Ed) and am a Retired Major, USAF & retired Psychologist and Program Adminstrator with the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice. My current book is titled, Immortal Relations. During my military service I submitted many technical articles and in my work in the counseling field wrote, "Can Anyone Help My Child?" about the assessment and treatment of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. I live in West Texas with my wife and our pomeranians. I believe, "Dogs are God's gift to mankind to teach us Love & Loyalty!" My sequel, Immortal Relations, Love & War is now at the publishers to be printed and should be available on AMAZON & KINDLE in October, 2012.

Connect with G.D. Ogan on the Web! 

Special Deal: Here is where everyone who has read this far gets a deal (at least I hope you’ll consider it as such):

  • After the FREE days both have been reduced to 99 cents. (about 1/3 original cost). 
  • My third book, Immortal Relations, Coming Out will be available in Print the end of October and in Kindle format about two weeks later (I'm told). I'm trying to get the digital copy of the third book also set at 99 cents.


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