Friday, October 25, 2013

Sable Hunter's Halloween Blog Hop Mia ChatsAbout Costumes and #Contest

Welcome to my second day on Sable's Halloween Blog Hop! 

I have mixed feelings about Halloween. As a kid growing up in Northern Maine by the Canadian border it was a holiday often visited by snow. It's hard to trick or treat in a winter coat. I liked it better when we moved to southern Maine, then later New Hampshire. Less snow, though it was still cold. We didn't carve any pumpkins or put up any decorations. I have no clue what I went as, but I remember going as a ghost in a sheet, it ripping and me making an angel or something out of it, on the fly. :-)

Flash forward a few years and now I have my own set of brats darling angels. My son loved trick or treating and was all for getting candy from people. We live in the sticks so they would give out full-sized candy bars for your efforts. His most memorable costume was a pig (complete with tail and nose! I made it.) and he'd done the firefighter thing a few times, especially after 9/11.

My daughter was skeptical about Halloween right from age three. You have to realize we live in a small town where you know a lot of your neighbors. My mother-in-law is a librarian so we get the scoop. But still, DD thought the idea was peculiar. 

DD: These are STRANGERS. We're eating candy from strangers?
Me: Oh, we know them. 
DD: How? What are their names? Where do we know them from?
Me: Look, we got candy from them last year and we're all alive. Go. Get me something good. 

Her most memorable costume: She went as a mummy at age 4. I made the costume and OMG it rocked! 

Contest details! 
So today I want to know what your favorite Halloween costume is, either something you've worn, your kids have worn, or you've seen on TV. Or hey, if you hate it, tell me that, too. I'm giving away a $10 Amazon gift card and an e-book! Leave a comment and your email! 


Vida B said...

Never really been a big fan of Halloween and the whole dressing up bit. I do remember when I was younger I wanted to go as Wonder Woman but my Mom said she was too sexy. So I waited till I was grown and dressed as her once. Thanks for the giveaway.


Stacey said...

My mom made our costumes one year. I think she was tired after that ;) She made me an oscar the grouch costume complete with garbage can (hated I couldn't sit down at school all day). And my brother was Mr. peanut which she made out of cardboard! I wish I had the pictures to share ;)


Anonymous said...

I love a good witch costume. My mother dressed in my dad's suit and took me trick or treating.

Leisha Schoer said...

As an Australian I don't do Halloween but I do make dress up costumes for the grandkids favourite one lately was a pirate one I'm in the process of just having a box of costume peices and just let them have fun

Lynn Ray lewis said...

My Daughter dressed as a Hippy Chick one year in one of my old mini dresses! I was thrilled that it fit her so well! Circa 1971 micro mini was a mini on her because I am 2 inches taller than she is. Someone that knew me back in the day had to do a double take, lmao, told her he could have sworn a girl he knew named Lynn was visiting from highschool! Proud mom moment let me tell you!

ChristyHebert said...

When I was about 5 years old my mom made me the NY Big Apple! It was a big, shiny red apple made out of cast plaster. I had green mittens and shirt which was the worm in the apple. I had a hat that was the stem. Everyone loved the costume! :0)

Sabrina Robert said...

My favorite for me was a sexy pirate woman. But have to say my niece's husband gets the award for coming up with the best inexpensive costume. He told my niece he had the costumes covered, not to worry. He comes home with a small bottle of brown face paint. When she asked where the rest was he said get your nightshirt and one of your golf clubs. He's a dark golfer, my niece a tall blonde. He put on his golfing outfit painted his face she put on her nightshirt and grabbed a golf club. For a total of $3.69 they went has Tiger & Elan.

Sandy Emers said...

My best Halloween custume was when I dressed up as my Dad in his PJs, bath robe and slippers! Slicked my hair back, drew mustache and beard stubble with black eyebrow pencil, and a unibrow with the eyebrow pencil. Grabbed his reading glasses and a newspaper to complete the look. My family was in stitches they were laughing so hard! My brother said, I can't look anymore because you look just like Dad! Didn't spend a cent and it was the best costume ever. :-)

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