Saturday, October 5, 2013

#MySexySaturday Featuring...Bubble Wrap! From Spy Games: Birthday Games

The rules are simple--7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs. Put it all together and you get My Sexy Saturday! This week, I find a man who wants to protect his woman to be sexy. Read on to find out more... 

Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty warped. I may not say much in real life but the wheels are always turning, and a lot of times I can't voice what my mind comes up with for fear they'll send men in white coats after me. However, the beauty of being an author means I can make my characters say the weirdest crap and get away with it. Like this week's My Sexy Saturday post... I've always had a thing for bubble wrap. I worked in shipping and receiving once and they buy it by the huge ROLL. It was an amazing time for me. And thankfully, I found a way to work that obsession into a story. 

The set-up for this passage... Kate and Chase offered Jake a menage for his birthday. There's a lot of dynamics going on here. Chase is Jake's best friend, Jake is Kate's partner and best friend...and he loves her.  Chase, being very protective, wants to find a way to shield his wife from the world...

Seven paragraphs from: Spy Games: Birthday Games 

Chase glanced over at Kate again. “I worry. Being her boss… her husband… I don’t know if I can be both and not hurt her again.” 

“You just need to chill more.” Jake shifted in the bed, stretching. “But you also have me to keep her safe out there in the big, bad world. So maybe you’re worrying for nothing.” Jake knew Chase wasn’t, though. Their world was filled with deceit and danger, and none of it boded well for a marriage, especially with someone as tightly wound as Chase. Jake wanted them to work. More than anything, despite the odd sensations that swirled in his gut when he stared at Kate too long. 

Chase swallowed. “I want to wrap her in bubble wrap.” 

“God, that could be kinky. You know I love bubble wrap. You’d grope her boobs, she’d snap and crackle. You’d fuck her, and she’d pop like popcorn.” Chase snorted, and Jake grinned. “If you want your marriage to work, don’t wrap her in bubble wrap and send her out with me, okay? I would cross the line and fuck her, just to hear her pop.”

“Thanks for the warning.” 

“That’s enough Russian for one night.” Kate appeared at the edge of the bed, water in hand. “What are you discussing?” 

“Bubble wrap,” Jake said, taking the water she offered. “Bought myself some last week. You know I live for it.”

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Very nice snippet, sizzling actually. And I love bubble wrap too. LOL! Thanks for sharing.

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