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Lynne St. James Talks Vampires and Lupus for Twice Bitten And Bewitched's Release Day!

Today my dear friend, Lynne St. James, is here to celebrate the release of her latest in the Vampires of Eternity series, Twice Bitten and Bewitched! Lynne and I share many things, including Lupus, an often debilitating auto-immune disease that chronically attacks the whole body as if it's allergic to itself--skin, joints and organs. Life experiences provide the best fodder for creating compelling and interesting characters, and Lynne has done just that in this final installment of her Vampires of Eternity series. Her heroine, Selena, has a rare case of Lupus that's killing her. Can her two hot, Russian vampires offer a cure? You'll have to read and find out!

October is a great month for walking before the gloom of winter sets in. Why not click on the link to visit the Lupus Foundation of America and see if there is a walk to benefit Lupus in your area!



First off, I want to thank Mia Downing for inviting me today to share the release of Twice Bitten and Bewitched, the third book in the Vampires of Eternity series. It’s definitely my favorite of the three books that are now available--okay usually the most current book is a favorite, but still--this one is closest to my heart.

The story takes place in the town of Blackstone, Connecticut and also travels to Derbyville, Virginia. Selena Blake, our heroine, and her BFF Bree have to rescue her father who was kidnapped by her gypsy-witch of a mother, Claire. We found that out in book two – Twice Bitten to Paradise. Selena is dying to help Bree, and yes she’s actually dying. But she’s also one very determined woman. She has been diagnosed with a very severe and strange case of Lupus, and it’s killing her. She’s not sure how long she has left but she isn’t going to let that stop her.

As if that weren’t enough, two very sexy Russian vampires named Xander and Max are convinced she is their mate, the one to end their curse, and they think they know of a way to save her life. They come with a trunk full of their own baggage but Selena can’t avoid the pull of their attraction. Could you avoid tall, dark, and brooding or sexy Playboy mansion dude? I know I couldn’t.

Mix all of that together and add in some outside interference by the Queen of the Vampires, werewolf shifters, one extremely demented gypsy, and it’s quite a wild ride – what better for an October treat, right?

One note though, each of the books stands on their own but books two and three especially are best read in order. Now here’s a sneak peek of what you’re in for!

An excerpt from Twice Bitten and Bewitched

Max backed the Mercedes out of the driveway and headed to Eternity. His hands were tightly clenched around the leather-clad steering wheel. He had a bad feeling about leaving Selena alone in the house, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. She was nothing to them, and he needed to stop feeling responsible for the world.
“Geesh, man, lighten up will you,” Xander remarked from the passenger seat. “No wonder she didn’t want to let us in. You look like you’re about to bite someone.”
“Not funny.”
“Seriously, someone needs to knock that chip off your shoulder. What the hell is wrong now, Max? We know that there was only a cat in the house. At least I know it, and you should know it.”
“Yeah, I know it. But I have a weird feeling about leaving her there alone.”
“Really? Now that’s interesting. I thought you didn’t believe me when I said she’s the one.”
“I don’t. You are always thinking that this one or that one is the one. And how often have you been right?” Max glanced over at Xander and quirked an eyebrow at him.
“Exactly. So why should I believe you when you think it’s this girl?”
“You know you felt it, too. I heard your surprise when you said good-bye to her. The tingle got to you.”
“You need to stay out of my fucking head.”
“Uh-huh. How many times have you told me that?”
Uyet, I have no idea. You never listen.”
“Exactly.” Xander grinned. “So why bother? And if we’re going to stay here, you need to start cursing in English not Russian. It loses the effect if I’m the only who one who understands you.”
“Fuck. Happy now? Uyet just sounds better.”
“Well you need to get over it.” Xander smirked at him.
Max glared. He clenched the steering wheel tighter as they headed back to Eternity. He was not in the mood for light banter with Xander. Something’s not right and I better figure it out before it becomes a problem.
Xander glanced over at Max, but wisely didn’t comment.
“So tell me why you think she is our mate?” Max asked, trying to distract himself from the uneasiness in the pit of his stomach.
“She’s different. I know you’re going to ask how, but I don’t know exactly. But she is. I know you felt it, too. She is like a breath of fresh air, and she reminds me of home.”
Max looked over at his friend. He heard a trace of sadness in his voice. He couldn’t wait to get out of Russia, now he’s homesick?
“No, I’m not homesick, per se. She just reminds me of home, sweetness, and light. She is so pure.”
Max couldn’t hold back the laugh. “Pure? Uyet—errr fuck. You really think there is an American woman alive over the age of sixteen that is a virgin?”
“I didn’t mean it that way. You can be such an asshole, you know?” Xander retorted, his aggravation coming through loud and clear. Max realized he had pushed him too far and needed to back off. Xander was always the playboy, and Max came across as the bad guy. Probably why he thinks all women are our mate. They fall all over him. But still, maybe there is something to what he is thinking. He has never acted this strongly when just meeting a woman before. It could be that’s why it’s bugging me so much.
“Sorry. I really don’t know why I’m so irritated tonight.”
“Oh I’ll take a wager on that one.” Xander grinned and winked at Max. He tried to duck but Max’s right fist connected with his shoulder.
“She’s hurting, you know. I can feel it. She’s trying to sleep but can’t. Tossing and turning.”
“You can tell that, and you don’t believe that she’s the one? Since when have you ever ‘felt’ what any of the others were going through?”
Max shrugged. “I don’t know, never. Fuck. Why now? With all this shit going on we don’t need to have her to worry about.”
Xander smirked. “I don’t think we actually have a choice in the matter.”
Max sighed. He knew Xander was right, and he had never felt this way about anyone before. Dammit, this was the wrong time. He looked over at Xander and could see him staring at him.
“We can help her, you know.”
“What do you mean?”
“We can visit her and ease her suffering. No reason why we can’t all enjoy it a little bit. She definitely reacted to us tonight. She won’t even remember it in the morning, and it will help to start the bonding.”
“When did you get so devious?”
“Oh, about a hundred years ago.” Xander joked. “Seriously. She’s been through plenty tonight. It would only help her.”
“It doesn’t feel right to me. Taking her without her consent?”
“But we won’t be. We’ll give her the option and if she says no we won’t pursue it. But really, if we’re there but not in human form we won’t be anyway.”
Uyet. Let me think for a few minutes.”
Xander laughed. “You have it bad already. I know she’s the one. You aren’t exactly the sensitive type.”
Max growled at him and would have punched him again, but they were already at the driveway for Eternity. He pulled the Mercedes into the parking lot. Xander was right. Why shouldn’t we help her, ease her pain, and give her some enjoyment?
“Fine. Let’s go upstairs and see what we can do for her.”
Xander sighed. “Finally, you’re talking some sense.”
Max grunted and slammed the car door. He hoped they weren’t making a mistake.


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lynnestjames said...

Thank you, Mia, for having me today! It is so much fun to share Selena, Max and Xander's story with you!

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I'm looking forward to reading this one!

Debbie said...

I am so excited to read this story! I loved the first two and I'm anxious to dig into this one.

lynnestjames said...

Thank you Kim and Debbie! You're going to love Selena even more than you did after the second book! :)

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