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Willow Brooke's Sexy Shifter/Vampires In Rush Against Time #menage

Today we have Willow Brooke discussing her Twisted Fate series and the sexy shifter/vampires who rule the pages! Have a seat, some coffee, and indulge in this sexy new menage release, Rush Against Time.


When I began the Twisted Fate series, I had no intention of it going in the direction it ended up. My ideas of creating a shifter/vampire series with a few other magical elements was soon overtaken by my muse, and ghosts and a few more darker elements were thrown into the mix. I am usually a poonie when it comes to thriller type movies and books, which made adding more scary features a surprise! 

The second book is going to incorporate a variety of paranormal and magical beings, without running away and going too far into left field. I want to keep the characters and the setting somewhat grounded enough to allow the reader to say, “What if this really happened?” There is nothing better than being able to fall into a world that leaves you wondering and day dreaming about the possibilities of fiction becoming facts. Our world is full of unexplainable things, so why not make them fun?

From a fight between good and evil, there is always a grey area that is crossed into to no prevail. Stepping too far into the dark can be catastrophic, but knowing how far to go is sometimes impossible. Join me on a journey of heart stopping action, twitterpating love, burning desire, and an emotional ride that will keep you entertained until the last page!

Blurb for Rush Against Time (Twisted Fate 1)...

Jessa Meadows is an average girl, living the average life…of a wolf shifter. Following traditions is expected, and something she can’t bring herself to do. Her first heat slams her into a hormonal, irrational P.M.S. hell that she fights with all of her might. She refuses to give her virginity to the first mutt that comes along, however wrong or unheard of it is in the shifter society. Jessa wants her first time to be special with the man she is fated to spend the rest of her life with. The idea of falling on her back for the first horn dog that comes along makes her stomach turn.

The wolves come in herds, giving every corny and rude pickup line invented. Fighting off the suitors and her agitated wolf proves to be more complicated than she had originally anticipated, until illness sets in and leaves her at her horny mutt’s mercy.

Logan Runningwolf has grown up with Jessa since birth. When every man within sniffing distance overeagerly offers their services in every humorous and pathetic way possible, he moves in to chase them off and claim the girl who has held his heart since childhood. When a single kiss awakens destiny, he vows to protect and claim his mate.

Damion Shaddow is a highly trained warrior and Beta of the wolf clan. At the age of 29, he is a brick wall of pure muscle power and dominance. Life has become a monotonous hell that has left a loneliness the normal, shallow quick fixes can’t fill. He is in a rut, and needs to change something, fast.

When he catches sight of the sexy little minx stretched half-naked on the couch, his wolf lunges at his guards. Confusion and anger well up in him at the realization the curvaceous beauty is Jessa, a silly shifter girl who used to tease and play jokes. Desire spikes in ways he has never felt….

Gavin Blackard has waited centuries to find the one woman the universe has picked to stand by his eternal side. When he finds Jessa in her dreams, his search is over. He sees her growing more ill every day, and knows time is running out.

Before he can save her from the heat, his sister threatens the lives of hundreds and the balance of the universe. He has to stop her before it’s too late, and save his one and only true love in a rush against time…..

Three chosen mates, one demonic premonition…. Can fate prevail and save the world?

Warning: MFMM

Excerpt for Rush Against Time (Twisted Fate 1)...

Jessa Meadows shifted her weight between each foot unable to stand still. Today had proven to be even worse than the previous with no end in sight. The past few months had been a hurricane of agonizing disastrous events. With a huff, she slung her silky golden hair over her shoulder and handed the huge cup of coffee across the counter to the disgruntled and obviously caffeine deprived woman. When she turned around to grab the glass blender pitcher, she knocked it off onto the tile floor and it exploded into shards.

Jessa cursed under her breath at the broken glass that lay scattered around her feet. The past six months she had been slammed straight into her first heat with a vengeance. The more she fought it, the longer it dragged on and the more intense it grew. What was supposed to be a milestone in growing up as a shifter had become a living nightmare. It was similar to human puberty, only jacked up on steroids. A shifter could not scent their mate or be scented by their mate until after losing their virginity, or receiving a kiss from them. It was expected of all shifters to experiment sexually during this time, where in the human world it was socially and morally wrong to scratch every hormonal itch. Like wild animals, they would bang every single wolf who so much as gave them a wink and a smile. It was an animalistic fuck fest, and Jessa wanted no part of it. Her wolf fought for control, lunging at every weak spot in an attempt to take over. She was mentally drained, and physically restless. Obviously clumsy could be added to the growing list now, too. Yippie freakin’ skippy. Frustration pooled in the rims of her eyes and threatened to spill as she cleaned up the shards.

Every man within sniffing distance was all up in her personal space, eagerly offering his services in every humorous and pathetic way possible. The problem was, she refused to give her virginity to the first mutt that came along. It might be unheard of in shifter society, but Jessa wanted her first time to be meaningful. The idea of falling on her back for the first horn dog that came along at the right time made her stomach turn.

Lost deep in the recess of her thoughts while robotically preparing the next order at Mocha Express, her wolf growled and pranced in a challenging dance at the scents that wafted in her direction. The sudden yelp from the group of girls at the counter was a reality mental slap. The animalistic noise must have slipped out, because they now looked at her as if she had grown a tail. She had to resist the urge to peek behind her and make sure she hadn’t. Super. Jessa offered up a sweet smile, hoping it would dissipate their sudden shock. Mocha Express was one of the few chains that catered to both humans and otherworldly creatures, offering treats and beverages for shifters, vampires, and many other magical creatures that humans were oblivious to. Plus, it provided cover for the group that occupied the attached mansion.

Vampires and shifters took up residency at Gates Manor, a huge mansion that dated back into the eighteenth century. The eclectic group of paranormal prodigies worked together to keep the balance of the world in order. To prevent the devil from spreading evil through demon possessions and taking over the magical community, angels banded together with this elite group and gave direct orders for them to follow. Not many knew of the group’s existence, and great measures were taken to keep it that way. They were known as the Guardians by the select few who helped and fought with them on each mission.

Michael Stone was the head vampire in the agency, who was in charge of all of the vampires on the continent. He had a huge army of vampires at his ready who fought without question and at a moment’s notice. His wife, Christina, was the most powerful witch who originated from the first bloodline. Her aunt Autumn had been until Christina accepted her powers in the moon ritual. Together, the duo was unbeatable. Most witches needed three to harness magic to their full abilities. Autumn and Christina didn’t.

Next was Alan Black, one of Autumn’s two mates. He was the alpha of the wolf shifters in Northern America and represented them in the Guardians. Her other mate, Braden Wilder, was the alpha of the jaguar shifters in North America and also member of the Guardians. Together, they all made up one big, happy—odd family.

Working the day shift at Mocha Express meant more humans and the need to contain her wolf better, but it also meant less shifters that her mangy mutt would try to jump on. It was a catch-22.

Unfortunately, word must have gotten out of her schedule change. The door chimed announcing the arrival of the mob of six shifter men, all sporting huge grins and hungry looks. The intensity shooting from their eyes confirmed the hunger they had wouldn’t be sated with Danish rolls or pastries. Anger immediately boiled through her veins. Tough luck, boys. You aren’t getting your hands on my cookies. Make a move. I dare you.

Quickly drawing her attention back to the task-at-hand, she hurriedly finished the order and braced herself for the scene that was about to unfold. With her wolf chomping at the bit, she gritted her teeth and shoved the animal back into its restraints. Time for some fun. Let’s see if you boys can keep up! She plastered the biggest smile she could muster, and turned to her overeager customers. “Good afternoon, gentlemen! What can I get for you today?”

Logan and Chad were at the lead of the pack, making their interest a far cry from subtle. Both were wolves she had grown up with, and who now pursued her relentlessly. They had all been inseparable at one time, going as far as to call themselves the three amigos, complete with wooden swords. Now, they were just a major pain in her ass.

Chad was blonde haired and blue eyed, with a true surfer boy appearance that stood out like a sore thumb in the farm country of Oklahoma. He preferred board shorts and tank tops to jeans and flannel like most of the residents of Creekville. The small town was known for its remote location, rich strawberries, and numerous lakes, creeks, and rivers. It was an ideal place for mythical creatures of all types, and was one of the only places witches, shifters, and vampires cohabited harmoniously.

Logan was the first to approach, with his pearly whites sparkling bright. His hair mopped in adorable sandy brown ringlets, giving him more of an angelic look that hid his true orneriness. A mischievous twinkle gleamed in his chocolate brown eyes, making Jessa’s breath hitch a notch in her chest. Good looking or not, she wasn’t interested. He was definitely up to something, making her guards triple and her eyes narrow in preparation for the bullshit she was about to be fed.

He leaned over the counter toward her, getting his lips mere inches from her ear. “Are you on the menu, Jessa?”

“No, but I can get you a cold frappe to ice your troubles away, and maybe an order of doughnut holes to stuff in your hole?” She gave her best no-nonsense face and rested her hand on her hip impatiently.

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