Monday, September 16, 2013

Who Are The Scimitar Magi? Dawn of a Dark Knight #PNR

Today, The Wild Rose Press sister author, Zoe Forward, is here to chat about her Scimitar Magi, heroes of her new series. Dawn of a Dark Night is book one and features a paranormal warrior with superhero powers! She's also brought her awesome cover, a hot tattooed guy and links. 


~*~ Mia ~*~ 

I’m thrilled to be celebrating my release of Book 1 in the Scimitar Magi Series, Dawn of a Dark Knight here with Mia!

And, book two is coming out in January! *Wow* This series focuses on a small band of ten magi warriors and their struggles to find love and happiness in the midst of constant battle against daemons, the evil purgatory-bound spirits of dark magik dabblers.

Who are the Scimitar Magi?

The Magi are a bonded group of hard as nails, hot as fire, destined for one woman alpha male defenders of the innocent. I just love everything about them. Their fierce protectiveness, their supernatural powers, and of course they’re just plain hot. Yeah, you can’t go wrong with gorgeous paranormal warriors!

These ten pseudo-immortals are the last line of defense against an evil no human can stop. They live within our modern world, but struggle to remain incognito. The guys are not exactly thrilled when they discover they vowed their eternal soul eons ago to serve the Egyptian gods, and now must execute daemons for the rest of their lives. Man to super warrior in a five-minute induction ceremony. And they’re not given an instruction manual on how to wield the powers gifted to them by the gods. So, it takes each Scimitar a long time to work it out. At first losing control at random is the norm, and irritates the bejesus out of the more experienced guys. Incidents happen like blowing up a gas station, which is misinterpreted as an international terrorist act. And then there are the women. Each Scimitar gets matched to one woman for all time, and she is also reincarnated. But when, and if, this woman shows up is entirely up to the gods, who love to muck around in the Scimitars’ lives for entertainment. 

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