Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sexy Autumn #SnippetSunday from Trained for Seduction!

Yay, it's Fall AND it's Snippet Sunday AND The Wild Rose Press has digital copies of my books on sale for 50% off! 

The only autumn setting I have as of yet takes place at the end of Trained for Seduction, so that's what I'm serving up. Better than pumpkin pie and a latte--and no calories! 

The set-up: This takes place at the black moment of the book, when Kate feels she's losing Chase's love and affection and he won't talk to her. She does the only thing she's been trained to do--seduce him for answers. Enjoy! 

A Snippet from Spy Games: Trained for Seduction...

His hand rose, shaking, and touched her arm. The contact was electric. Shocks ran from his fingers along her skin straight to her core. He stepped closer and she could inhale his scent— guns and Chase. The air around them became supercharged, the current dangerous yet alluring at the same time. He glanced down at her arm, where his hand was, then he met her gaze again. 

Fear raced with desire along the current between them. He was going to turn away. She dug deeper into her training, remembering his words. She reached behind her back, unsnapped her bra, and let it fall so she stood topless, her breasts exposed, the autumn air puckering her nipples.

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Dakota Trace said...

Nice. I'm definitely going to have to buy this book.


Mia Downing said...

Thank you, Dakota! It's a fun read.

PT said...

Great descriptions, sensual and emotional.

Kim Muhl said...

LOVED this scene in the book!

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