Saturday, September 14, 2013

#MySexySaturday--Sexy First Time from Trained for Seduction

Today is Trish B's birthday! Yay! She's a good friend and a fan, and she's a member of Team Chase! 

So to celebrate her birthday, I asked for her favorite sexy part of Spy Games: Trained for Seduction, Chase and Kate's story. She asked for their first love scene, which--believe it or not--happens on their birthday, too! What a coincidence. LOL 

A note to fans...if you have a favorite scene and want to have a snippet for your birthday or just because, let me know. I'm happy to have direction for a good cause. 


The Set up: Chase Sanders has been given the task of training Kate for seduction for an upcoming mission. Little does she know, this is a special event for him, too. He's never had a virgin. You had better believe he's up to the challenge of giving her a wonderful experience! 

My Sexy Saturday seven paragraphs from Trained for Seduction

“Easy,” Chase breathed against Kate's ear. “This shouldn’t hurt, but I want to go slow. You need to savor the first time I slide into you.” 

That was enough to make her go still with apprehension. This was it, the moment she’d waited for since she had turned sixteen and discovered orgasms. 

He inched in, opening her slowly, pausing every so often to kiss her lips, or bite at her neck. She sucked in a deep breath, liking the way his thick shaft stretched her pussy as he eased in, the slight burn strangely erotic, his cock twitching with the strain of control. Then he sank in fully. 

He smiled down at her, the look almost proud, smug that he was the first. “Virgin no longer.” 

“Virgin no longer.” She was amazed at the feel of him— his cock deep inside her, his weight bearing down, his hand at her breast, caressing the flesh. The burn receded and need began to grow as she flexed her pussy muscles around him, experimenting. “Now what?” 

“Now we see what you like.” He withdrew slightly and gently slid back in, and stilled, his pubic bone grinding slightly against her clit.

 Oh, my.

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Kim Muhl said...

Oh, my! I loved this scene, to!

Happy Birthday, Trish!!

Dakota Trace said...

What a happy birthday indeed. That was hot with just enough tenderness to really get a gal going. :D


J. A. Hornbuckle said...

Ah...erm...hold on a sec. Think I lost my English for a moment. Anyone else wish their 1st time had been along these lines? Well done with the 7!

Trish Bowers said...

Oh Mia thank you!!!! Chase is my favorite. Ok Jake and Aaron are pretty close. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Love you!!!

Mia Downing said...

Thank you, Kim! And Dakota,I'm so glad you think so! The book does get a heck of a lot dirtier. And J.A., every girl should have a good first time (even if reality is probably not. LOL)

Mia Downing said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Trish! I'm glad you liked your excerpt!

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