Saturday, September 28, 2013

#MySexySaturday Caring is Sexy! Featuring Ripped by Mia Downing

The rules are simple: 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. Whatever we wish, and we've got an entry for My Sexy Saturday! 

Today I chose 7 paragraphs from Ripped, my m/m erotic romance from the Boys of Summer series. I find this selection sexy because sometimes, sexy is something as easy as a loved one caring enough to take away your pain. As Gavin says, everything happens for a reason. There was a reason these two lovers found their way to each other later in time. 

An excerpt from Ripped... 

Gavin rose and hesitated. “I would like you to stay. Sleep with me. Would you? We haven’t slept next to each other since the tree house.” 

No, they hadn’t, and Erik wanted nothing more. That time, he’d dreamed of slipping into Gavin’s sleeping bag. This time, he wouldn’t have to. “I remember.”

Gavin smiled softly at the memories. “Good times, those were.”

“If I had…” Erik swallowed, needing to know. “If I had crawled into your sleeping bag with you back then, do you think our lives would have been different?” He didn’t care about his life, because his was pretty sweet. He only wanted to take Gavin’s pain. 

Gavin’s smile saddened. “Everything happens for a reason. Even me being an addict. Probably losing Ang. It all has a reason, I think, a part in the grand schematic that makes up life.”

“Fuck that. I want to go back in time, slip into your sleeping bag, and let it change.” Erik fought the anger. Screw the whole greater plan in life. Though he was grateful for the plan’s sudden turn of events, landing him in Gavin’s bed, he couldn’t help but feel bitter. “I wanted a miracle for you, way back then. I even prayed for you.” 

Gavin hesitated at the door. “Maybe the prayers finally made it.”

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Lynn Crain said...

Wow! Very powerful excerpt. Love the interplay between them. Thanks for sharing.

Kim Muhl said...

::{swoon}:: I LOVE the relationship between Gavin and Erik

Dakota Trace said...

Very intense emotionally. I love the interaction between the men.

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