Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Em Petrova Talks Voyeurism, Great Shoes and Great Sex

Today, Em Petrova is celebrating her newest release, Unbroken, with a chat about voyeurism, great shoes, and sex! Woot! This m/m/f story is a smokin' hot western available from Samhain! Pull up a chair and a cool drink. You'll need it for her excerpt! 


Voyeurism, Great Shoes and Great Sex
By Em Petrova

Your lover slips into a hot bath, and you watch his or her flesh sink inch by inch into the swirling waters, imagining the way it feels. Or your mate does a striptease for you, peeling off those tight jeans and T-shirt as your gaze devours every bit of skin.

There’s a lot to be said for visual stimulation. In my new contemporary western ménage, the two heroes, Tucker and Christian, are voyeurs. Meaning they like to watch each other—both solo and with a woman. 

According to sources, voyeurism is a psychosexual disorder involving a person who derives pleasure from looking at naked bodies or observing the sexual acts of others. Usually the voyeur is hidden from others.

Lots of movies and books have scenes where the heroine is watching the hero bathe, or the hero glimpses the heroine swimming nude. Sometimes there’s a certain “ick” factor to these segments, but when voyeurism is used as a safe and mutual act, it brings the level of eroticism to new heights. 

Read on for a “peek” at Tucker and Christian from Unbroken 
RATED toe-curling, panty-soaking ADULT!!

Tucker’s gaze snapped to his and clung. A painful heartbeat stretched between them. Unable to battle his need anymore, Christian set his beer aside, leaned back on the sofa and unzipped his jeans.

A quiet noise broke from Tucker as he sank to the recliner and did the same. The grating noise of his zipper lowering had Christian’s cock hard and weeping with pre-come. While nudging his jeans and boxers off his hips, he kicked off his boots. Usually Christian left his T-shirt on, but today he yanked it off too, leaving him completely bare.

Every inch of himself exposed to Tucker.

Taking his cue, Tucker stripped down too, abandoning jeans with the leather belt and silver buckle still in the loops. When his pearl-button shirt hit the carpet, Christian drank in the sight of his friend’s well-muscled chest, sprinkled with golden brown hair.

Christian rubbed a palm over his own bare chest to the dark trail of hair leading to his cock. As one, he and Tucker cupped their balls, fondling the tight sacs, gazes locked on each other. Webs of want spread through Christian’s body as he thought about finally dropping to his knees and taking Tucker’s long shaft in his mouth. Of sucking that dark purple head and gathering the ropes of come.

He shuddered.

Tucker rolled his shaft through his hand, pumping it once and holding it out, erect, for Christian to see the glistening tip.

Choking off a groan, Christian fisted his cock, pressing down on the flared head so the tip slitted. Juices oozed out.

Then they were off. Hips rocking upward to meet their hands, cords standing out on Tucker’s neck and Christian’s belly dipping with each harsh breath.


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Thanks for reading! And a big thank you to Mia for hosting me!

Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes--in bed and out~

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