Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back From The Past, #Free M/M Short Story Available For Download!

I'm so excited! Back From the Past is now available for everyone to enjoy! Check out the M/M Romance Group's website for your copy--epub, mobi or pdf. Back From The Past--M/M Romance Group 

I wrote this short this spring, prompted by a letter and a picture written by an avid M/M fan, Bookbee. I like reunion stories, military men and cowboys, and this has a mix of all three. I also got to combine my love of horses and therapeutic riding training for a very small mention. I've gotten many requests for more of this story... It's a good possibility. I think the conflict has just scratched the surface for these two hotties! 

Enjoy the blurb and the excerpt! Then go download the whole thing. :-) 


Blurb for Back From The Past

After ten years, Gregg Madison had given up rehearsing what he'd ask when Jase Addams returned. His high school lover had bolted for the military to prove to his dad he was a man. But as Jase now swims across the lake in those firm, strong strokes, Gregg realizes he has about thirty seconds to either flee or face the man back from the past.

Excerpt from Back From the Past...

 “I know you’re there,” Jase called. “Might as well come out.” 

Gregg froze, reluctant to step out through the branches to reveal himself and his hard-on. What the hell did one say to a former lover, especially one who had up and joined the Marines without any warning? Damn him— without even saying good-bye? The hurt he’d kept at bay for so long slammed into him, catching his breath in his throat. Fuck Jase. Gregg swallowed and turned, ready to creep away. Jase didn’t know it was him, anyway. 

“Gregg? Come on, man. I swam over here to talk to you. Come out.” 

So much for anonymity. Gregg shoved aside the branches and stepped out onto the graveled shore, the pebbles digging into his bare feet. He let his shirt dangle in his hand so it covered the slight bulge he had going in his jeans. The remembered pain had taken care of most of it. “How did you know it was me?” 

Jase shrugged. “Tommy said you were the only one using the lake regularly, and I’ve been spying on you for the past five days, trying to get up the courage to say something.” 

“Oh. I didn’t see you.” Gregg’s heart hammered a little, since he’d swam nude and jacked off at least twice during that time frame. Had Jase witnessed that? 

That smile that used to come so easily lifted the corners of Jase’s mouth. His gaze flitted to Gregg’s jeans and then the smile broadened. “I’m a better spy than you are. Uncle Sam taught me well.” 

Gregg rubbed the back of his neck, willing away the creep of heat there. “Yeah, well, the horses don’t like to be spied on.”

“Ranch life seems to agree with you.”

The glance Jase cast over Gregg’s body sent a flush of warmth wherever those brown eyes touched. From his bare feet, up his jean-encased thighs, over the shirt he clutched in his hand to his abs and chest, lingering on his lips… 

Gregg shivered, unsure what the intensity of that gaze meant until the brown depths finally met his and held. For a split second, Gregg saw everything he’d ever wanted to see― hunger, longing, and a touch of sadness. Then Jase ducked his head and Gregg wondered if he’d imagined the whole thing.

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