Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Spanking Good Time #SnippetSunday From Spy Games: Birthday Games

It's Time For Snippet Sunday! 

Today's offering is a spanking good time from Spy Games: Birthday Games. Kate wants to give her partner, Jake, a menage for his birthday--what else do you give the spy who has everything? Her husband, Chase, agrees since the three have hooked up before. But tonight, Jake has decided Kate needs some sexy good discipline for misbehaving on the job! 

Here's snippet from Spy Games: Birthday Games...

“I’m sorry, Sir.” 

“Yes, I bet you are, honey,” Jake soothed. And hit her again, softer this time, lower, over her pussy. A jolt of pure pleasure shot from that smack through her core, along every nerve, through every vein. She trembled from the force of it. Sure, Chase had spanked her a few times, but it never left her feeling like this. Wanton. Needy. Slutty in a good way. Hell, slut climbed over the few inhibitions she had left and made her want to please her two men whatever way they wished.


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