Thursday, August 29, 2013

Surprise! Back From the Past release from Mia Downing

It's Thursday 8/29 and I can finally share my secret! 

Anyone who knows me knows that me keeping a secret for any length of time is like storing a cat in a bag. Well, the cat is out and she's excited (not spitting mad, like you'd expect. LOL I'm an odd cat.) 

Every year the M/M romance group in GoodReads does a free read program called Don't Read In The Closet. The purpose is to get people reading and enjoying m/m and to help cross barriers. Last year when I discovered the M/M group the event was well underway, so I vowed to do it when it came around again.

This year's event is called Love Has No Boundaries. I was given a prompt and a letter from a reader, and I wrote a story to fit it. Mine was a hot guy in a river or lake, and Bookbee wanted to know why that man had broken the other's heart. He was back from the past...would he get the answers he needed? (Man, is he divine!)

Back From the Past is an erotic romance reunion story: 

After ten years, Gregg Madison had given up rehearsing what he'd ask when Jase Addams returned. His high school lover had bolted for the military to prove to his dad he was a man. But as Jase now swims across the lake in those firm, strong strokes, Gregg realizes he has about thirty seconds to either flee or face the man back from the past.

Thank you to Christi, Emma, Lynne, Alisa, and Kim for the cheering and beta reading! And Diana Carlile for the editing and amazing cover. I think she's outdone herself. And of course, the amazing people in the M/M Romance group who worked so hard to put the LHNB event together. I forgot to thank Bookbee for writing an amazing prompt and choosing the picture. So thank you, Bookbee!

If you're a member of the M/M romance group, Here's the link. If not, you'll need to join, and it's an amazing, supportive, wonderful group of readers and authors.

 But FEAR NOT! In a week it will be available at their website, and everyone can download it. There are lots of other books there to download for free--favorite authors and new favorites waiting to be discovered!


Lee Anne said...

I just wanted to point out that you are a BAD influence on me. I really didn't need yet ANOTHER group on GR. But, I did it. I requested to join! All because of you! Shame on you Mia! LOL!

<3 You MIa!

Mia Downing said...

LOL Lee Anne! You'll like this group. It will just give you more uses for the tissues I'll be sending.

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