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Interview With Mia Downing's Spy Games Heroes Blog Jump Aug 26-30

Welcome to the Meet The Author, Interview with a Character blog hop! Thank you to Kasey Dean for sponsoring this event! 

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Mia's Prize: Either an e-copy of Spy Games: Endgame, or a copy of one of the other Spy Games books if you haven't read the series yet. 

Hi! I'm Mia Downing, and I write erotic romance. Check out my links on the side bar for more information about me--boring stuff. Let's get on with the much more exciting character interview! 

Because I’m a brave woman, I’ve decided to interview all three of my hunky heroes from the Spy Games series. At the same time. Chase Sanders and Jake Anderson work together as spies, are best friends, and have shared a lot of things in their lives—including Chase’s wife, Kate Sanders. Aaron Anderson is an actor, Jake’s youngest brother, and goes under the SAG name of Aaron James.

Mia: Welcome, guys. Have a seat on the stools. Keep the F-bombs to a minimum and I’ll feed you brownies at the end.

Aaron: I heard what Mia said. I thought you guys worked for the IRS? And's what with sharing Kate?

Chase: (glaring) Classified information. All of it.

Mia: Okay, so first question. We’ll do some quick easy ones to warm you three up. Boxers, briefs or commando?

Chase: Classified information. No one gives a shit what I wear.

Jake: Chase wears tighty whities. I prefer boxer briefs. They’re more comfortable when I'm in the saddle.

Aaron: (to Jake) Do I even want to know how you know what he wears?

Jake: He’s my best friend. I know what he wears just like I know you like boxer briefs, too.

Chase: (laughs) Shopping for a family discount?

Mia: Okay, that’s a good start. Boxer briefs are very sexy. And Chase, of course we care what you wear. You’re a handsome man. Women wonder these things.

Chase: Thank you.

Mia: Next question—chocolate or peanut butter.

(Chase and Jake laugh.)

Mia: Is this something you two have contemplated in the past? 

Chase: Of course, but it's not much of a debate. Chocolate spreads better. Especially chocolate sauce.

Jake: Yeah, warm hot chocolate spreads out smooth on hot skin. And after all of those jokes about the lonely girl who spreads peanut butter on her—

Aaron: (Glancing from Jake to Chase) Those weren’t real stories?

Chase: Jesus, Aaron, are you that gullible? What girl would spread peanut butter on her pus--

Aaron: (Interrupting) Don't use that word in front of Mia. 

Chase: (rolling eyes) Okay, okay. What girl would spread peanut butter on her lady parts for her dog to lick off? No one is that lonely. (Glares at Aaron.) Happy?

Aaron: Yes. (Patting Mia's hand) Sorry, Mia.

I take it we’re voting for chocolate? And Aaron, it’s okay. I write that word. All the time.

Chase and Jake: Chocolate.

Aaron: I was going to say peanut butter, but... 

Jake: (laughs) Man-up and go with chocolate. Charlotte will thank you. 

Chase: (growling in Aaron's direction) Not no, HELL no.

Mia: Okay, okay, calm down. Next question. What super power would you chose for the guy on your right. Aaron for Jake, Jake for Chase, and Chase for Aaron.

Jake: (looks at Chase) The ability to clean.

Chase: Fuck you, that’s not a super power.

Jake: You clean everything as it is and you’re good at it. Imagine if you could clean shit up from the flick of a wrist or a nod? Need to clean up a dirty kitchen, soiled bed linens, a herd of drug runners? Snap.

Chase: (shakes his head) I’d put you out of a job.

Jake: There’s always a job for me. I can boldly go where you can’t.

Mia: Okay, that’s a suitable super power. I’d like that if Chase doesn't want it. So Aaron, what would you chose for Jake?

Aaron: Well, I thought he was IRS all of this time, so I would have given him savant math skills, but since he’s a spy…

Chase: Classified information!

Jake: I want the ability to pop off girl’s tops with a blink of my eye. Or X-ray vision.

Aaron: You can't choose for me!

Jake: I’m the big brother, and since I can pound your snotty ass into the ground, I say one of the two.

Aaron: Popping off bikini tops would be cool, but I call shotgun in the car. We'll head out to the beach.

Jake: Done deal.

Chase: No fucking way, you’re sitting in the back--

Mia: (Interrupts) Okay, so I’m almost afraid to ask this… Chase, what would you choose for Aaron?

Chase: (rubbing his chin as he contemplates) Invisibility.

Aaron: (looking confused) What? Why?

Chase: Then I don’t have to look at you, watch your movies, and hopefully not listen to you.

Aaron: I can kick your ass and you not see me coming.

Chase: (cocking a brow and rolling up his sleeves) Try me.

Aaron: (grins widely.) I can sneak up on Charlotte and--

Chase: (jumps off the stool) That's it, you're dead.

Mia: Okay! Thank you, boys. I think that’s enough. Jake, break those two up. All of you can have a brownie.

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Anonymous said...

Who's your favorite Muppet, and why?


Mia Downing said...

LOL, me or the guys??? Mine would be Animal! Cuz he's cool and plays the drums.

Chase: What the hell are Muppets?
Jake: Miss Piggy. If she met me, she'd leave Kermit with two shakes of her piggy tail.
Aaron: Gonzo. If he let me help modify his wings, I know I could get him to fly. No problem.

Kim Muhl said...

I LOVE how this turned out! It's hysterical!!

laurie said...

thanks for the great interview

Diana Merritt said...

Looks great Finding way to many books that I want on this hop.

Doris O'connor said...

Mia, that was ace. I'm still giggling!

Jessica Jayne said...

Mia, This is priceless. Great job!

Chynarey said...

Interview was awesome!! Thanks for sharing...

caiidynsmommie at gmail dot com

Trish Bowers said...

Loved this Mia. "Waves at Chase"

Tiss said...

AWESOME interview. Glad there wasn't a fight. Looking forward to reading the books.

Nikki said...

These books sound amazing. Love the blog and the interview.

Dee Little said...

This was a fun interview :D


books4me said...

Thanks for the head's up on the books for .99. I bought them both!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Mary Preston said...

If you could only wear one color all your life what would it be - remember black is NOT a color?


Mia Downing said...

Mia: Purple!

Chase: (looking down at his black polo shirt and jeans) What do you mean, black is NOT a color???

Jake: Blonde. Or brunette. I'm not picky.

Aaron: Those two are idiots. I'm just going with blue.

Nova said...

Who is your favorite SPY from a movie?
sparkle40175 AT hotmail DOT com

Mia Downing said...

Hi Nova!

Mia: James Bond, the Sean Connery version. That man could talk me into an orgasm.

Chase: Aaron James in Hidden Asset.

Aaron: Really? You liked my movie?

Chase: (snorting) Hell, no. I'm going with Mia, only there's no way in hell Connery is talking me into an orgasm.

Jake: I'll say Aaron, because I did really like his movie. Best piece of acting yet, little cowboy.

Aaron: Thanks, Jake. I'm going with Jason Bourne. I loved those movies.

Mia Downing said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying the interview! Thanks for leaving comments. :)

Michelle Bowman said...

Hi Mia !!
Here's an easy one for you....
Sweet or salty which do you prefer?

Mia Downing said...

OOH Michelle, good question.

Mia: Sweet!
Chase: Kate is sweet and salty after she runs.
Jake: Hell, yeah. Tia, too.
Aaron: Seriously? You're both pigs. I'm going with sweet, Like Mia.

Michelle V said...

I loved the interview and love this series! Will there be any more books in the series or do you think that's it for Spy Games?

Cheryl M said...

As ever, you continue to amaze me. Fabulous blog [and Chase is still my favorite].

Can't wait to read this one, too.

Sheri Vidal said...

What a great interview. I'll look into the series.

smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

Tammy Faris said...

Hi Mia! LOVED the question...Do the guys know about Sparkles? ;)

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