Tuesday, June 4, 2013

F-R-E-E to Good Home: Double Her Fantasy by Randi Alexander

Today I'm helping out a fellow The Wild Rose Press author and friend, Randi Alexander! Her amazing menage, Double Her Fantasy, is FREE on Amazon June 4-8! And who wouldn't want to take this book home? A hot actor and his cowboy brother team up to give a comic book artist double her wildest fantasy! Yummy! 

And not only do you get a free book, but you can enter for a chance to win this awesome stuff:  

Sexy Nightshirt and Two Other Fun Prizes

And now, a few words from Randi Alexander! 

Hi - I’m Randi Alexander, and I’ve got a couple fun things going on this week. My erotic menage romance, Double Her Fantasy, is free at Amazon June 4 - 8. Published by The Wild Rose Press, it’s a hot and romantic story that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Drop by my website for multiple chances to win a cute nightshirt (sizes S - 3X) with my tagline printed on it, a big coffee mug, or a handy flask necklace. 

Click HERE (to Randi's Website) to enter.

Double Her Fantasy Blurb: 

At a comic book convention, artist Megan Shore is thrilled to meet action movie hunk Garret McGatlin. Usually reclusive, Megan flirts with the leading man of her sexual fantasies. He invites her to his suite for a drink, but when she arrives, his rancher brother Trey opens the door and unleashes Megan's cowboy fantasy. Both men pour on the charm, and she can't decide which of them she desires more.

The McGatlin brothers have shared women, but none of them were like Megan, irresistible and perfect for both of them. Working together, they execute a potent seduction. During a hot, amazing week, the three-way relationship becomes emotionally charged. When they're thrown into the media spotlight, Megan fears the exposure will trigger a past threat. Garrett and Trey need to prove they can keep Megan safe as well as happy and satisfied in their arms.

Available at: Amazon.com

Excerpt from Double Her Fantasy 

Still on the floor, Garret bent Megan’s leg and massaged slowly along her calf.

Trey bent her other leg over his shoulder and just looked at her pussy. “Damn,” he murmured.

Open and vulnerable to him, she let herself enjoy the decadent pleasure of her cowboy just staring at her, wanting her.

“You're so pink. Your pussy lips are wet and glistening with your girl juices.”

Her thighs tightened, her leg on his back inching him closer. “Yes. For you.”

His lips curled into a wicked grin. “Yeah, for me. I'm going to eat this sweet pussy you're offering me.” His tongue traced her mound, her freshly trimmed hair, the sensitive skin at her thighs.

Garret ran his fingers along her thigh as he crawled onto the bed. His hand slid over her hip, and onto her stomach. “Nothin' for me?” She loved how his Texas drawl came out when he was aroused.

Her fingers, which had gone still when Trey began his ascent between her legs, slid over her nipples, hiding them from Garret's view. “Kiss me, wild man.” Her wicked smile was meant to taunt him, her hands covering her breasts meant to entice.

He laughed. “You've been watching too many movie trailers.”

Lacing her fingers in his wavy hair, she tugged him close. “You're every woman's fantasy.”

“Hey!” Trey's voice roared from between her legs. He chuckled. “What am I? A cow patty?”

“Just do your job, big brother.” Garret smiled at her. “We're having a moment here.”

She giggled then gasped as Trey captured her clit and sucked. “Oh, jeez, I changed my mind.” Rivers of heat flowed from her pussy, up her spine, flooding her brain. “Cowboy fantasy…right now.”

Trey moaned as he sucked, nibbled, and lapped at every inch of her throbbing lips.

Garret leaned down and kissed her, his mouth taking hers with firm control, his tongue sliding along the seam of hers lips until she opened for him. Being kissed like this, two mouths, two tongues…her hips bucked as she twisted her tongue around Garret's, becoming the wild one, starving for him.

“She's close, Garret.”

Garret slowed the kiss. “I know.” Kissing his way along her jaw, he lay beside her and lifted her arm over her head and held it down. “Trust us, beautiful. You're gonna like this.”

Her domination fantasy raged like a forest fire. What would they do to her? What amazing, seductive lesson would they teach her?

Trey licked up her belly, around her breast, and along her neck. “I can't fucking get enough of you.” His growled words shook her, shuddered through her, peaking in her nipples and between her legs.

Trey lay on her other side and lifted her arm, holding it the same way Garret did. The men looked at each other. She could almost hear the silent communication.

Trey cupped her breast and took her nipple into his mouth, gently nibbling and rolling it. Garret slid his hand down her side and under her thigh, lifting it slightly, opening her to his fingers. He touched her swollen, wet lips.

Her universe expanded then contracted. One blond head at her breast, the other sexy man's fingers tracing her pussy.

Trey's hand eased down her stomach and lay over her mound.

“Oh, yes.” If he touched her pulsing clit, she'd explode.

Garret leaned in and kissed the top of her breast. “Too much?”

“Not enough,” she breathed.

Trey lifted his head and smiled at her. “That's our girl.”

The men glanced at each other. Each took a nipple into their mouth.

* * * * * * * *

I hope you like Double Her Fantasy, and good luck in the contest!

"Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"

Double Her Fantasy is free in digital format at Amazon

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