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Welcome Home! #SPeekSunday from Spy Games: Lethal Limits

Yay! Time for more Sneak Peek Sunday! For more peeks of great books, click the link. 

This is an excerpt from Lethal Limits, Book 2 in the Spy Games series. They don't need to be read in order (though you can!) I'm going to offer a signed print copy of Lethal Limits for the Caliente blog hop May 6-12, so stop back to win a copy if you like the excerpt! A really sweet grand prize will be offered as well (Swag and gift cards, over $80 value!) 

The Set Up: Secret Agent Jake Anderson is taking a long weekend to get away from work-related stress. He's had no choice but to bring Tia (his new partner and a friend with benefits) home to his farm. Though they're anticipating a weekend of hot sex, he realizes a lot of pain is lurking beneath her cool exterior. So this is how Jake welcomes her to his home. 

An Excerpt from Spy Games: Lethal Limits

Jake stopped Tia with a hand on her shoulder. “Come here.” 

She turned, and he folded her lithe form into his arms and hugged her close, hoping to ease her discomfort. She smelled so good, like flowers and chocolate, since they’d shared a candy bar on the way to the house. He wanted to taste her mouth, to see if she tasted just as good, but he resisted. Something told him to wait. His inner sense was usually on the mark. It’d kept him alive this long, and his last boss had been a bastard to work for. Always forgetting to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, and Jake would end up in trouble more often than not. And though he and Tia had had sex many times, his inner senses told him this was different.

Tia was no ordinary woman, either. He knew she had issues. Normal women didn’t capture men in Parisian hotel rooms. At least, he didn’t think they did. He didn’t know many normal women. But the way she had stared at that purse so longingly spoke of other issues, ones that were just as important to him for some reason. He’d felt like a king when she smiled up at him after purchasing the kit for her. It was obvious she’d never been treated to something like that before. And it touched him.

He ran a hand over her loose curls, loving the texture under his hand. She was beautiful. Smart. Cunning. She deserved diamonds and silk. She deserved pampering and spoiling. Yet he sensed those were things just out of reach for her unless she got them herself. A woman shouldn’t have to do that. Not all the time, and he vowed to make the weekend special for her. He kissed her forehead and released her with a smile. “Welcome home.”

She looked baffled. “That’s it? You’re not going to grope me or kiss me or… I don’t know. You just wanted a hug.”

“I’d like to stretch my legs before I bind you and take punishment out of your sweet flesh if that’s okay.” He laughed at her worried expression. He couldn’t help himself. “Tia. I’m home, and I’m one happy man. If you don’t want to have sex this weekend, then fine. We’ll get to know each other, and hopefully, become more than friends with benefits, though I like the benefits you offer. But I’m not a lecherous pig. I’m just a man whore, home for a weekend of normalcy.” 

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