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Let's Get Lucky, Baby! Blog Jump with MFRW and Mia Downing

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If you stick around to the end, I'll give away an e-copy of Spy Games: Trained for Seduction (or one of the others if you've read it!) 

Since my third book in the Spy Games series (Spy Games: Endgame) is releasing VERY soon, I thought it would be fun to get readers caught up on the action. If you've started the series, then you know Chase Sanders feels he's unlucky in love and Lady Luck has it out for him. He's my tall, dark and dangerous spy boss and he's been in love before, only to have Lady Luck slam the door in his face. Now Kate Wells has entered his life and he was doomed to love her from the beginning. Only he's supposed to train her to seduce the enemy, and chances are she won't return from this dangerous mission.

Here's a little excerpt to show you just how much Lady Luck loves to mess with poor Chase. He met her on assignment, disguised as Alexander Bishop. The set up: Kate has just asked Chase to teach her how to seduce, and it's led to her asking a whole bunch of questions Chase just doesn't want to answer! 

Excerpt from: Spy Games: Trained for Seduction

"...You don’t understand what kind of man I am, Kate. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“You’re sorry for what? Fucking me?”

“I’m sorry for being the man you’ll learn to hate.” She opened her mouth, and Chase shook his head. “You will hate me. I’ll send you to hell and back, make you do horrible things, and though the safety of America is worth it to me, I’m not so sure it’s worth it to you. I hate my job for taking someone I saw as so pure and beautiful, and turning her into a fucking hot, killing machine.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, looking tough, mulish. “I don’t regret it one bit. I’m happier now than I ever was in my life, Chase. I’m trapped, sure, but at least there’s some say. At least I know the rules up front.

“With my father, there were no rules. I was smart in the lab, but he found fault with every other aspect of my life and was mentally abusive. He was crazy, delusional, and it would have been a matter of time before he turned on me. He tried to sell my virginity to you, so what else would he have done? I don’t regret Alex kissing me, taking me to third base. And I don’t regret Chase being my first. I don’t regret becoming a fucking hot, killing machine. I feel free.”

“You’re still going to hate me.” He felt as if he were drowning, and she was standing on shore with a life preserver and he couldn’t ask for it, not even to save his life.

“Maybe. But isn’t there the possibility that we might end up loving each other? We have something special. I feel it. I know you do. Our lives don’t have to be hell.”

Chase sighed, closed his eyes for a second, and kissed Lady Luck goodbye forever. “Don’t go there, Kate. Please.”

So what did you think? Is Chase lucky, or doomed? 

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Brandon Harris said...

I love this!!!!! But you are a tease :-p

Kayelle Allen said...

Definitely a tease. LOL :)

Elise VanCise said...

Great post. poor fella :)
Gladiator's Pen

Kim Muhl said...

Chase is VERY, VERY LUCKY!!!

Can't wait for Endgame! I love Charlotte!

Chase Boehner said...

Steamy, seductive and one hot team!!! Excellent teaser and beautiful cover!!!

Sandra Dailey said...

I've read them all and loved each one. I can't wait to read 'Endgame'.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Mia, your books sound! Congrats on the upcoming release:) And the covers...yummy! Definitely my kind of read;)

Happy Hopping:)

M. S. Spencer said...

Chase sounds luscious! Love the story line. M. S.

Rhonda D said...

Poor Chase! I hope Kate brings him around. Thanks for sharing and if Chase opens his heart, I feel that he will be very lucky!
Rhonda D

Virginia Nelson said...

Great teaser! Have now added the series to my to be read list. V

Mel Bourn said...

I have this one! Working my way through my reading stash. I have a feeling he will be very lucky!
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Shelley Munro said...

Chase has met his match.

Anonymous said...

I think he'll end up lucky, though he'll feel doomed for a while...

vitajex(at)aol(dot)com said...

Wonderful teaser! Congrats on the upcoming release! said...

Oh, he's doomed. :)

Eva's Flowers said...

Ohhh, I have not read any in the series yet, but it sounds awesome! I hope he gets lucky though :)


Susan D.Taylor Susan Arden said...

Chase is lucky...this is love story. Of course there's got to be an HEA! Thank goodness. Thanks for sharing!

Poisoned Rose said...

Aw that was such a great part of the book! I can't wait to read ENDGAME, too. You have me hooked on your characters. :)

ckpoisonedrose AT gmail DOT com

flchen1 said...

LOL! You're an author--I expect the teasing, but wowza! ;)

Thanks for the fun!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

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