Sunday, April 21, 2013

A #SPeekSunday of Five Minutes in the Closet from Spy Games: Endgame by Mia Downing

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This is my first time doing the Sneak Peek Sunday, and I'm so excited. So today I have for you a selection from Spy Games: Endgame (book 3) set to release very soon. 

The set-up: Secret Agent Charlotte Smith has been assigned as Aaron James' new bodyguard after a botched kidnapping attempt. Aaron wants nothing more than to get into Charlotte's panties, so he's found a way to lure her into a game of Five Minutes in the Closet. Charlotte's not interested in sex at this point, but a little kissing in the dark with the handsome actor sounds more than promising! 

Sneak Peek of six paragraphs from Spy Games: Endgame

Aaron swallowed in the dark, his breathing still ragged. Just smelling him, hearing him increased her need. So surprising that her pussy ached already, the slow throb giving way to a wet flood. When would he turn and kiss her? Damn it, he was wasting time. She could at least enjoy his hard cock rubbing insistently against her clit before his time ran out. 

Maybe he needed a little help. Perhaps she should climb on his lap again. He’d liked it before. However, the submissive side of her that had long been dormant wanted her to wait. Give him a chance. 


He swallowed, loudly. Charlotte swallowed, too, and for the first time in eons she felt vulnerable—she was with a stranger in the dark. Well, maybe he wasn’t really a stranger and she was more than safe, but it was fun to stretch the truth. A large, horny stranger. Who refused to touch her. Jesus, her panties were already beginning to melt and he hadn’t done a damned thing. 


Fabric rustled and his hands groped her shoulders, skimmed up her face, one large palm cupping the back of her head. His other thumb brushed her bottom lip once, twice. Delicious shivers ran up her spine. Why was that erotic? To only have his thumb on her mouth? 

To Be Released SOON 2013!
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Chase Boehner said...

Nice excerpt, the thumb across the bottom lip is always a nice touch. :-)

Mia Downing said...

Is that one of your go-to moves, Chase? LOL Thanks!

Sabrina Robert said...

Mia!!! Now you are making us wait. So not fair

Sara Walter Ellwood said...

I don't want to wait... I want more. Great snippet!

Mia Downing said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying it!!! This was a great scene. :)

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