Sunday, December 16, 2012

Serious #SixSunday Sentences from Just Ask by Mia Downing

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Today's Six Sentence Sunday features Just Ask, my m/m that is FREE 12/16 on! 

The set-up: Jordan has inherited half of an island resort from his half-uncle, Blake. Ryan, his business partner and lover, wants to know why Jordan's so afraid to own a piece of his uncle's dream.  Here's 6 sentences of their discussion. 

Six Sentences From Just Ask

Jordan swallowed, and the lump in his throat finally let go of his Adam’s apple. “I’ve tried to buy peace. Money only gets you great seats for a ball game.” 

Ryan said, “Maybe you’re afraid of the things you can’t buy.”

“That’s stupid.” But it wasn’t, not if you thought about the huge, long list of things not for sale and considered that Blake had found a lot of those, right here.

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Amber Belldene said...

Very sweet. I'll download right now!

Poisoned Rose said...

Very sweet six. Just downloaded the book; can't wait to read it! :)

Kym said...

I missed it !

Merry Christmas !

Baby said...

Hi Mia! I found you through the Eʀotɪc Eɴcʜants Eveɴts Scavenger Hunt. Happy Holidays!

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