Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Stuff #SundaySix Sentences

So this is a six sentence selection from a work in progress. Alone was a challenge project for The Erotic Enchants group on Good Reads (there's a link on my sidebar to join if you like erotic, book loving fun!) We had to work with a blurb and a cover either designed by ourselves or another member. I chose something my friend Bookie Nookie came up with, because it was dark, mysterious and a challenge. So far, it's definitely been a challenge to write! 

Skye Bellew has always been alone, right from the get-go. Bounced from foster home to foster home as a kid, she's always had to look out for number one. Yet, she dreams of a family somewhere far away and has searched for them without much luck. Enter Marek Young, a mysterious yet hotter-than-hell stranger, who vows he knows the truth about her past. He'll tell her everything, if she'll spend the weekend with him. She should want to run and hide, but she's unable to resist his magnetic pull. If she gives in, she might finally know the truth about her past, but is the price more than she's willing to pay? 

Six Sentences from Alone 

He closed the door and Skye sat before her knees buckled. Oh, my. So many emotions swirled, dancing with the lust, tangling with the shame of what she’d done. So many parts of her sang out, their voices like an unruly crowd in her mind, begging her to let him in, vowing this will be different despite how it all started. And yet, the voice that protested the loudest belonged to the scrappy girl, the orphan. No matter how sexy he was, Marek was not to be trusted, not for one minute.

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Paloma Beck said...

An emotional, intense six. Made me curious about Skye... And about Marek.

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