Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Ask!

Here's the new cover for my next book out, Just Ask, a m/m gay for you contemporary set in Fiji. What do you think of it? This one is contracted with TWRP and will be released for a trial romp through Amazon KDP soon, so keep your eyes open!

I really like this cover. It's the brightest cover I've had, and I love the guy on it. I've been lusting after him on the stock photo sites since I knew we'd have a cover with water. I love his abs, and I'm actually a thigh girl, too. I love his legs in this one.

Blurb for Just Ask:

When business mogul Jordan Hill inherits half of Bendura Island Resort, a posh vacation destination in the Fiji Islands, the will demands he release his  half uncle's ashes somewhere on the island and that he indulge in a real vacation before he sells. As Jordan is reeling with grief and under good circumstances doesn't do vacations, especially if they include horses and looming volcanoes, he finds himself on uneven footing. The footing turns treacherous as Jordan realizes, for the first time in his life, he's attracted to a man--his new business partner.

For resort entrepreneur Ryan McCale, Bendura Island is a dream come true as well as his livelihood. He was warned Jordan would try to sell sight unseen, and after meeting him, there's no doubt the business shark has dollar signs in his eyes. But there's also vulnerability and desire in that chocolate gaze. Suddenly, Ryan's looking forward to showing Jordan the delights of the island and hoping to convince his new partner Bendura could be his dream, too.

So, what do you think?


Lyric James said...

That is a nice cover. I'm a abs girl too and he's are vury nice! Congrats on your new release and good luck with your KDP experiment!

Mia Downing said...

Isn't he yummy? The publisher is trying out KDP as a first avenue for release to generate energy for the book/author before releasing distributor wide. I'm excited about this, since Amazon is the biggest draw for sales right now.

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