Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lovin' Him Should Be Dirty...

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Agent Jake Anderson is one of my favorite charmingly smart spies. His personal slogan: Lovin' me should be dirty. He is featured in a book coming out NOVEMBER 2, 2012.  Spy Games: Lethal Limits is book 2 in the Spy Games series. (Shh, don't tell him it's erotic romance. He loves the kinky stuff, but he's afraid of love. He thinks he's in an action spy book with explosions and gunfights.)

Now, if you're afraid to read out of order, don't be. Our Team Jake fan club president was hooked as a cold turkey beta reader. It pisses Chase (book 1) off, but Jake needs love. Come. I'll introduce you to Jake.

Secret Agent Jake Anderson is the perfect best man, best friend, best partner. He hates running, courier runs and anything to do with barfing women, even if they are his best friend's wife. He secretly loves Paris. He openly loves missions that end in gunfights and exploding cars, anything kinky, fantasy role playing, and his favorite love--tying up willing women and making them scream his name. He's not boyfriend material, not one bit. He doesn't fall in love. So why the hell is he suddenly feeling all weird about his best friend's wife? 

Jake's worried it might be love, but he's not so sure. He's is loyal enough to his best friend, Chase Sanders, to want to run and abandon his buddy's barfing wife--his work partner--in their Paris hotel room. It doesn't help that downstairs, in the bar, waits a willing woman--Tia Richards--one he had once tied up and run out on, leaving her unfulfilled. It wasn't his fault work had issued a 9-1-1 to the airport, and he did untie her before leaving. Jake has these odd feelings for Tia, too. She's wild and twisted, and he's quite happy with not adding notches to the bedpost with Tia in his life. But these silly emotions for Tia also smack of something deeper, things a man whore shouldn't be experiencing.

Poor Jake! He spends most of his adult life avoiding love and now he has not one woman, but two, he's feeling iffy things for. So what's a man whore to do? RUN. 

Giving Stuff Away! 

I don't wish to live like a hoarder, so I'm pimping 2 Copies of Spy Games: Trained for Seduction on GoodReads to make room in the clutter. Plus it's sort of a party, for Jake's big day! He loves a good party. Giveaway is in the side bar, >>>>>>>> over there, somewhere. 

Special update! 

Edits are underway for something fun. Jake is a little pissed his birthday menage is off-screen between books 1 and 2. You don't turn thirty-five every year, and he thinks he deserves a short story. So check back for the release of his story, featuring a bit of background for the last book, Spy Games: Endgame. Is there much plot? No. It's some office chatter and a whole bunch of sexy Chase, Kate and Jake action. Jake gets to be 'hostess,' which is code for him being in charge. Jake at the wheel of anything could be dangerous, and he does like missions that end in gunfights and exploding cars. 

Other updates! 
  • Edits are in the works for my second m/m It's Seven Somewhere (which is a working title to put on the contract because we couldn't get sexy out of two hot men on a resort island. How we could miss the whole volcano-load of lusty titles on that one, I don't know.) 
  • Edits are in the works for Spy Games: Endgame! Charlotte gets to bodyguard Jake's brother and upcoming actor, Aaron. 
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  • If you read this far, you deserve a cupcake! Or a present! Leave a comment if you're Team Chase, Team Jake, or undecided. You'll be tossed into the running for an advanced e-copy of Spy Games: Lethal Limits OR Spy Games: Trained for Seduction. 


Kim Muhl said...

Definitely undecided! But, I can't WAIT to read Spy Games for a book club, next month.

Mia Downing said...

Hi Kim! I hope you enjoy reading Chase and Kate's story!

Lucy Francis said...

I'm not a huge fan of blond men, but I'll make an exception for Jake! Still, think I've gotta go Team Chase on this one. He is such a hot control freak!

Mia Downing said...

Jake is just hot as a blond. I didn't want him to be blond when I wrote him, because finding cover stock for hot blonds is difficult unless it's a girl. But he is some fine. And he contrasts nicely with Chase, all dark and dangerous in his Daniel Villa way.

Mia Downing said...

Kim Muhl, since you posted, you win! Email me at miadowning (at)!

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