Friday, August 10, 2012

Squee! Release day!!!

Today is the release day for Spy Games: Trained for Seduction. It feels like Christmas, because I woke up to an interview posted The Long And Short Reviews, a great review posted by Christi Snow, two glowing reviews on Amazon and all of you to share it with! I'm giving away a copy of Spy Games: TFS, too, so stay tuned.

First, Interview:

Such fun! I only mildly feel like someone listening to my own voice on a recording, only it's words. But lots of interesting questions and things you never knew about me...

Second, this lovely gift of a review by Christi Snow:
She had wonderful things to say about Spy Games: TFS!

Lastly, links to the book: (and if you have Kindle or Nook, you can still buy at TWRP) or if you like Amazon:

So if you made it this far, tell me who your favorite fictional spy is, and leave your email addy. Someone will win a copy of Spy Games: TFS in the file of choice.

Have a great day!


Christi Snow said...

Happy release day, Mia!!! I hope that everyone picks up your book because it was SO GOOD!! Now I am waiting on pins and needles for book #2!

Mia Downing said...

Thanks so much, Christi!!! I am truly considering renaming my kids after you. They're balking at the premise, though. My son isn't thrilled with the name change.

Christi Snow said...


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