Monday, July 9, 2012

Writing Time Found...

It's summer, which means the kids are home. No more sending them out the door then writing from 8:30-2:50, when they return from their busy day. Right now I'm being subjected to kid's shows, and not the fun, cool older kid shows. Sesame Street, for Pete's sake. They're 11 and 14, they don't need to watch that crap. I guess it's better than getting a sexual education from Family Guy reruns, but still.

Changes in my personal life have lead to changes in my writing schedule, too, and suddenly, I have found myself with 2 hours of writing time. Meet the girls. Polled Hereford cows, inspecting their new pen mate.

Meet the horse.

I promise there is more of a horse than that, but there are kids, and kids don't belong on a smut blog. So imagine the rest of him, all orange and beautiful. One hind sock. He's a nice horse.

The coming of the horse means species relations is disrupted. The cows feel he is in charge (he is) he feels he should rule the barn and the cows should find food elsewhere, which hurts the cow's gentle feelings. So the arrival of the horse means, until he has his own shed to rule, he has to be removed from the pen so the girls can eat. The girls are loud, angry cows when they can't eat, and though we live in the country, someone is bound to complain about loud, angry cows.

This is where the writing time comes in. It takes the cows an hour to eat their hay, twice a day. I feed the horse his food, tie him up with a haynet, sit with the laptop and write. Or I read. When the daughter comes to help I sit in the truck with the laptop and write.

It beats when they were little and I wrote smut in the Mc Donald's sitting area of the indoor playground.

Where do you find time to read or write in the summer?

8 comments: said...

Such a pretty horse! But I'm sure the girls would much prefer it if he were a bovine.

I'm kind of spoiled in that I can write any time. Of course, that means I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to getting words down. There's always some shiny distraction. Like reading, LOL.

Mia Downing said...

Lucy, you need to hit the computer and stop reading. How's that for cracking the whip?

5d873be6-ca0f-11e1-b134-000bcdca4d7a said...

I love reading anything you write -- you always make me smile! I too am struggling with a change in schedule -- not because of external changes, but my clock changed. Instead of writing between dark and dawn, I find the words flow better in the early morning and early evening. Maybe I just need a cow?!?

Mia Downing said...

LOL Sheila Rae, Number girl!! I can send you can cow.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

You are a survivor, Mia. I hate to tell you even my hubby doesn't bother me anymore so I have free writing time until the darn carpel tunnel hands flair up. Sometimes I don't think all this time is so great though -- my poor brain just wears out and the muse takes a nap.

kris said...

Sounds like you are definitely making lemonade from lemons and all that jazz. Good thinking!

For the next three weeks, my kiddos are all either away or at the local playground program. I have 3 hours of bliss every single morning! I am still stunned at the richness of it. Then the end of July will come and it will all get shot to hell again, but for the moment, life is in beautiful balance.

Mia Downing said...

LOL I don't know about surviving... I do know about carpel tunnel. It sucks. Hugs to you, Paisley. I'll tell your hubby to bug you just a little so you don't feel left out.

Mia Downing said...

three hours!! For you, Kris, that's probably three more than you get for a normal day during school time. LOL Enjoy.

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